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What is the opposite of forearm?

What is the opposite of forearm?

What’s the opposite of forearm? I used my training in anatomy and physiology to bring you not one but two forearm opposites that you probably haven’t thought of. So let’s get into it.

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What’s the opposite of forearm?

Two flexed forearms opposite each other

Many body parts and muscle groups have a very obvious opposite; biceps and triceps are prime examples of this. But what about the humble forearms?

After all, given the frequency at which we use our lower arms in everyday life, you’d think, wouldn’t you, that there would be an obvious forearm opposite. And there is, kind of.

The forearm musculature is split into two compartments; the anterior compartment, which is the underside of your forearm; and the posterior compartment, which is the top of your forearm.

The anterior compartment is more commonly referred to as the forearm flexors, while the posterior compartment is usually called the forearm extensors.

As you can see, right away, we have two opposites. On the one hand, there’s the anterior compartment and the posterior compartment. And on the other hand, there are the flexors and the extensors.

As the names suggest, the flexors flex the hand and wrist towards the underside of the forearms, whereas the extensors extend the hand and wrist upwards.

Conclusion: Is there a true opposite of forearm?

A man demonstrating the opposite of forearm

In terms of the word forearm, no, there isn’t an exact opposite. But, with some basic knowledge of anatomy, you can soon see these opposites cropping up everywhere, and that’s no different for the lower arms.

To recap, the first pair of opposites is the anterior compartment and posterior compartment.

The second pair is the flexors and the extensors.

So, ultimately, to ask about the opposite of forearm is the wrong question because it’s the name given to a set of muscles rather than one single muscle. I hope that helps!


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