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Does anyone have 2 inch wrists or 3 inch wrists?

Is it possible to only have 2 inch wrists or 3 inch wrists?
Written By  James Jackson
Last Updated on 7th July 2022
A person showing that they have a 2 inch wrist

If you're curious about whether or not anyone actually has a 2 inch wrist or a 3 inch wrist, then you're in the right place.

This short yet detailed guide will discuss if it's actually possible for a person to only have 2 inch wrists or 3 inches wrists, as well as how you can make your own wrists bigger.

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Does anyone have 2 inch wrists or 3 inch wrists?

A man showing that he has a 3 inch wrist

If we're talking about circumference, then no healthy adult has 2 inch wrists or 3 inch wrists. Indeed, even children have bigger wrists than that!

So unless you have some sort of wrist-related deformity, it's simply not possible to only have a 2 inch wrist or a 3 inch wrist.

On the other hand, if you're talking about width, then 2 or 3 inches is much more realistic. This is probably what most people mean when they talk about having 2 inch wrists or 3 inch wrists.

Knowing how wide your wrists are is important when you're buying a watch, so it's good to measure the width of your wrists as well as the circumference of your wrists.

Is it possible to increase your wrists by 2 or 3 inches?

A man working his 2 inch wrists with weights

Unless you're still growing, then it's simply not possible to add 2 or 3 inches to your wrists. This is because the vast majority of your wrist size is bone mass as opposed to muscle mass and fat tissue.

Now, if you got really obese, then your wrists would likely get quite a bit thicker. But you'd probably need to be morbidly obese in order to see significant circumference gains.

Obviously, gaining loads of extra weight is undesirable from a physical health perspective, so you're pretty much stuck with whatever size wrists you currently have.

You might be able to put a bit of size on your wrists by bulking up your forearms via hand grip squeezes and wrist curls. But even in the best-case scenario, you might only gain 0.3 to 0.5 inches. And that really is the best-case scenario (i.e., if you also increase your body weight).

In conclusion

A person's 3 inch wrists

As you've hopefully learned, no healthy adult has a 2 inch wrist or a 3 inch wrist. As such, you shouldn't strive to make your wrists that small because even if you do lose weight, it's not like your bones are going to shrink.

We all have different bone structures, but nobody that I've ever encountered has 2 inch wrists or 3 inch wrists.

As for whether you can gain 2 or 3 inches on your wrists, the answer is almost certainly no unless you're still growing at a rapid rate.

James Jackson
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