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Is a 4 inch wrist and a 4.5 inch wrist too small?

Is a 4 inch wrist and a 4.5 inch wrist too small?

If you have a 4 inch wrist, then you definitely have a below average wrist size for women and men. So if you want to learn precisely what having 4 inch wrists or 4.5 inch wrists means for your body, then this article is for you.

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How small is a 4 inch wrist?

A female showing her 4 inch wrist

How small is a 4 inch wrist? Based on real-life anthropometric data, a 4 inch wrist circumference is extremely small. The vast majority of adults do not have 4 inch wrists of any description.

For a man, a 4 inch wrist is nearly 3 inches smaller than usual.

For a woman, 4 inch wrists are around 2 inches smaller than normal.

So what would actually cause someone to have 4″ wrists? Well, a young child who’s still growing could plausibly have 4 in wrists. But an adult?

That’s highly unlikely. You’d need to have a truly tiny bone structure to have 4 inch wrists. So if you think that you have 4 inch wrists, then there’s a chance that you might have measured your wrists incorrectly.

Is a 4.5 inch wrist small?

A person showing their 4.5 inch wrist

Is a 4.5 inch wrist small? Yes, even though a 4.5 inch wrist is almost 12% larger than a 4 inch wrist, 4.5 inch wrists are still extremely small for a fully-grown adult (and even for a teenager).

If you have some kind of genetic abnormality, then you might have a 4.5 inch wrist. But for a regular adult, 4.5 inch wrists are very small and are a strong sign that you have a very small bone structure.

The same holds true for those with 4.75 inch wrists, which is still a very small measurement for an adult.

Is it good or bad to have a 4 inch wrist?

A woman showing that she has 4 inch wrists

As long as your 4 inch wrists aren’t a sign of some kind of health problem, then there’s nothing wrong with having a 4 inch wrist measurement.

After all, some people have to have smaller wrists than others. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to categorize certain sizes as small, medium, large, etc.

Of course, some people are insecure about their wrists being too small, especially if they’ve received hurtful comments about their 4 inch wrists in the past.

Most people have body parts that they don’t like, and seeing as the wrists are a highly visible area, I can understand why some people might wish that their wrists were thicker.

Can you increase the size of your 4 inch wrists?

A man training is 4 inch wrist with weights

Unfortunately, you can’t make your 4 inch wrists bigger to any significant extent unless you’re still growing.

That said, strengthening your forearms will go some way to make your wrists a bit thicker, but don’t expect dramatic results.

Doing wrist curls (both supinated and pronated variations) and squeezing a hand gripper will add muscle mass to the area just below your wrist bone.

One of the blessings of having 4 inch wrists—depending on your point of view—is that because your wrists are small, they’ll automatically accentuate your forearms and upper arms and thus make them look more developed.

The verdict on having 4 inch wrists

A woman who has 4.5 inch wrists

Although most people don’t have a 4 inch wrist circumference, there are still some people who do. So you’re definitely not alone if you have 4″ wrists.

Since you can’t really make your 4 inch wrist or 4.5 wrist any bigger, you’re best off just accepting the wrist hand that you’ve been dealt and focusing on the body parts that you can control (such as your forearms).