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Is a 7 inch wrist big or small?

Is a 7 inch wrist big or small?

If you have a 7 inch wrist, then your wrists are slightly larger than the average male wrist size. But just how big are 7 inch wrists?

That’s the main topic of this article. After pouring through countless anthropometric studies and research papers, I have a pretty good idea of how big 7″ wrists are for men and women.

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Is a 7 inch wrist small?

A man showing his small 7 inch wrist

Is a 7 inch wrist small? No, a 7 inch wrist is definitely not small for a man and is, in fact, slightly above average for an adult male.

While 7 inch wrists aren’t necessarily big—I’d definitely consider 7 inches to be a medium measurement for a man—they’re miles away from being considered small.

If you read around online, then you’ll probably be told sooner or later that 7 in wrists are the normal size for a man. However, statistically speaking, a 7 inch wrist is actually 0.2 to 0.3 inches bigger than usual for an adult male.

Wrist circumference is often used to estimate frame size. [1] However, it’s important to understand that there’s more to frame size (i.e., clavicle length) than just the size of your wrists.

Still, a 7″ wrist is a perfectly normal measurement for a man.

For a woman, on the other hand, a 7 inch wrist is very large indeed. Any female who has 7 inch wrists almost certainly has a big skeletal structure and is probably very tall. So while it’s not bad for a woman to have a 7 inch wrist, it is a strong sign that she has a very large build.

How big is a 7.25 inch wrist?

A male model who has a 7.25 inch wrist

How big is a 7.25 inch wrist? Statistically, a 7.25 inch wrist is 0.5 inches bigger than average for an adult man.

But since the wrist size categories of small, medium, and large and based on circumference ranges, it would be inaccurate to say that 7.25 inch wrists are big even though they are larger than average.

In reality, 7.25 inch wrists are on the upper end of normal/medium, meaning that, even though most men don’t have 7.25 inch wrists, there are still plenty of men who do.

Is a 7.5 inch wrist big?

A man showing his big 7.5 inch wrist to the camera

Is a 7.5 inch wrist big or not? Yes, a 7.5 inch wrist is definitely big for a man because it’s around 0.75 inches bigger than usual for an adult male.

If you have 7.5 inch wrists, then you can definitely say that you have large wrists. You might also have a big frame in general if you have a 7.5 inch wrist circumference because 7.5 inches is considerably larger than normal for a male wrist.

So, while 7.5 inch wrists aren’t absolutely huge, they are much bigger than usual because the vast majority of men definitely don’t have a 7.5 inch wrist size.

How big is a 7 inch wrist for bodybuilding?

A bodybuilder showing his 7 inch wrist

How big is a 7 inch wrist for bodybuilding? A 7 inch wrist is a good size for bodybuilding because it’s slightly above average in circumference.

However, a 7 inch wrist isn’t so thick that it will make your forearm or upper arm look small. Indeed, given an equivalent arm measurement, having a smaller wrist will always make your arms look bigger because there will be a greater size difference between your wrist and arms, which helps to accentuate your muscles.

Still, for maximizing your muscle growth, it’s always best to have thick joints, and large wrists are no exception.

Research shows that wrist circumference correlates with upper arm lean mass, so it seems like those with bigger wrists also tend to have more muscular arms. [2]

This makes perfect physiological sense because bigger bones simply have more space to store muscle tissue.

Of course, in bodybuilding, your physique is assessed based on how it looks—not on your circumference measurements.

So, unless you want to be a mass monster, having 7 inch wrists is ideal because you have plenty of potential for upper arms mass while still having joints that accentuate your forearms, biceps, and triceps.

After all, many bodybuilders have small skeletons but massive amounts of muscle, so it seems like that’s the way to go for looking as big and as filled out as possible.

In conclusion: Is a 7 inch wrist big or not?

A man showing that he has 7 inch wrists

In summary, while a 7 inch wrist isn’t big in the grand scheme of things, 7 inch wrists are definitely still a bit bigger than usual for an adult man.

Based on all of the data that I’ve looked at, 7.5 inch wrists are pretty big and can definitely be considered one indication of a fairly large frame.

Of course, there’s more that goes into calculating your frame size and muscular potential than just the size of your wrists. But still, it’s helpful to know that 7 inch wrists are a good size for a man.


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