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What does a BMI of 44 mean?

What does a BMI of 44 mean?

Even though people are getting heavier, a BMI of 44 is still much higher than the average BMI for women and men. An average that, might I add, is already considered much too high by public health bodies and obesity researchers.

Of course, our sedentary lifestyles seemingly set us up for obesity, so it’s more important than ever to arm ourselves with the right fat-fighting knowledge so that we can protect our long-term health.


What does a BMI of 44 mean?

A BMI 44 man trying to button his shirt

A BMI of 44 means that someone is obese. Specifically, an individual who registers a 44 BMI score is said to have class 3 obesity, which is often still called morbid obesity.

Since a body mass index of 44 is 14-15 BMI points higher than average for men and women, BMI 44 individuals need to lose weight if they want to regain good health.

Because such obesity may be accompanied by other health complications, it’s important that you consult a doctor before embarking on your BMI reduction journey.

From there, your doctor may refer you to a dietician so that they can help you to lose weight the right way by arming you with positive dietary habits.

How can you reduce a 44 BMI?

A female who has a BMI of 44 doing a workout

Obviously, in order to reduce a 44 BMI, you’ll need to create an energy deficit so that your body sheds some of its mass, so to speak.

This means lowering your calorie intake and exercising regularly.

Since a BMI of 44 is very high, your doctor or nutritionist may suggest a more aggressive calorie deficit of around 40% so that you can trigger fast weight loss and get down to a healthy body weight ASAP.

Because losing large amounts of weight quickly can leave you feeling weak, it’s a good idea to perform resistance training in addition to cardiovascular exercise so that you can strengthen your muscles and bones, which is still a very overlooked aspect of physical fitness.

List of BMI 44 scores and results

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This list of BMI 44 results will quickly help you to identify how obese a given body mass index score is.

44.1 BMI

If you have a 44.1 BMI, then you’re over four BMI points into the class 3 obesity category and should seek to lose weight as a result.

44.2 BMI

If you’ve got a BMI of 44.2, then it’s recommended to undergo doctor-supervised weight loss so that you can bring your body weight and abdominal obesity under control.

44.3 BMI

Those who have a 44.3 BMI are very likely risking their long-term health by maintaining a body weight that is significantly heavier than average for a man or woman of their height.

44.4 BMI

A BMI of 44.4 is over 14 BMI points into the obese body mass index category, which is why it’s commonly called severe obesity.

44.5 BMI

If you have a BMI of 44.5, then you’ll need to lose weight in order to live life in better health because being obese can lead to a plethora of health problems if left unchecked.

44.6 BMI

If you’ve got a 44.6 BMI, then you’re considered morbidly obese because being of such a high body weight can put your health at serious risk.

44.7 BMI

People with a 44.7 BMI are very much in the obese category and should aim to start their weight loss journey before their size spirals out of control.

44.8 BMI

Those who have a 44.8 BMI almost certainly have abdominal obesity, which can cause visceral fat to start accumulating around your organs (liver, intestines, etc.).

44.9 BMI

A 44.9 BMI is very high indeed. Specifically, the average man and woman have a body mass index that’s over 15 BMI points less than 44.9.

In summary

Everyone knows that obesity is a major problem in the modern world, and it’s not a problem that’s going away.

But even if things seem bleak from a public health perspective, individual people can still take steps to reduce their 44 BMI.

Of course, if you struggle with your weight, this is easier said than done. 

But you should take comfort in the fact that it’s totally possible for a person who has a BMI of 44 to transform their body (or even just slim down a bit) if they seek out the right nutritional guidance and professional help.