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How can you safely reduce a BMI of 47?

How can you safely reduce a BMI of 47?

Two things are for sure; a BMI of 47 is significantly higher than average for both men and women, and the average is already too high.

For these reasons, it’s clear that a) we have a global obesity epidemic on our hands and b) a person with a 47 BMI will need to undergo medically-supervised weight loss in order to regain their health.

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What does it mean if you have a BMI of 47?

A fat BMI 47 female talking to a doctor

If you have a BMI of 47, then it means that you’re severely obese, which is commonly called class 3 obesity.

Suffering from severe obesity may affect your ability to perform exercise and simple everyday tasks in comfort, which, in turn, could make it harder to lose weight.

More seriously, however, obesity can lead to serious health problems and diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes, just to name a few.

For this reason, a BMI 47 individual should discuss their weight loss plans with a doctor so that they can lose their excess fat in a safe and effective manner that won’t risk putting too much strain on their body.

Who commonly has a 47 BMI?

An overweight BMI 47 male

Men and women have very similar BMI scores to each other, and worryingly, obesity is also becoming a problem among children and adolescents, meaning that a variety of different people can have a BMI of 47.

The reasons why a person might have a body mass index of 47 can also differ.

For example, some people might have health problems, whether physical or mental, that prevent them from exercising and burning off the calories that they consume.

Of course, our modern societies, despite offering an increasing amount of exercise options, still present the temptation of a sedentary lifestyle, which is common among those who work office jobs.

How can you reduce a body mass index of 47?

A fat 47 BMI woman doing a workout

It’s critical that you seek the guidance of a doctor if you have a BMI of 47 because losing substantial amounts of weight, especially through intense exercise, can put a lot of strain on your body.

Your doctor might refer you to a dietician, who may recommend an aggressive calorie deficit initially so that you can bring your body weight down as efficiently as possible.

In addition to limiting your calorie intake, you may also be asked to increase your activity level by doing specific exercises or simply by walking more.

Restricting calories and moving your body both create an energy deficit, which is ultimately the reason that weight loss takes place.

Of course, some people, despite having the same BMI, will naturally lose more weight than others. 

This is mainly because two people with a 47 BMI can have different body weights due to their differing heights. So, losing 3% of your body weight, for example, will work out to a higher value in pounds/kilos for the heavier individual.

In conclusion

While there’s no denying that a BMI of 47 is very high and is a major health concern, it’s also possible to shed your excess weight by getting the right help.

Many people with a body mass index well over forty-seven have dramatically transformed their bodies, so it’s possible for you to do the same once you arm yourself with the right fat loss knowledge.