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Is your BMI 46 or higher?

Is your BMI 46 or higher?

Those who have a BMI of 46 are likely putting their health at risk because a body mass index of 46 is over 16 BMI points higher than the average female BMI (the same goes for men).

As such, it’s not surprising that people with a 46 BMI are considered severely obese.

When you put your body stats into an online BMI calculator, you might get results such as a 46.2 BMI, a 46.3 BMI, a 46.6 BMI, or a 46.7 BMI.

Ultimately, the precise decimal value isn’t important, and you can just round it to the nearest whole number to get an idea of your general body mass index.


Why is it bad to have a 46 BMI?

A BMI 46 man getting food from the fridge

When you consider that the average BMI is already too high—and when you realize that a BMI of 46 is 16 points above it—you begin to see that a body mass index of 46 is very bad for your health.

Of course, since body mass index isn’t a direct measure of body fatness, your BMI score isn’t technically a guarantee of anything.

However, when someone has a really high BMI, like 46, then it’s almost certain that their BMI score will be accompanied by a lot of excess body fat.

This is particularly problematic when that fat accumulates around your waist because, if left unchecked for prolonged periods of time, visceral fat can start to wrap around your abdominal organs (liver, pancreas, intestines), which may lead to chronic disease.

What does a BMI of 46 actually look like?

A 46 BMI woman getting her stomach measured

People who have a BMI of 46 can be a variety of different heights. As such, while anyone with a 46 BMI will have excess body fat, two BMI 46 individuals can also look very different.

That said, a body mass index of 46 is high to the point where hiding your excess body fat is likely no longer possible.

Of course, nobody should feel ashamed about the way they look, and most people are definitely capable of reducing their BMI with the right help.

Still, visually speaking, a BMI of 46 is a strong indicator of obesity and will be apparent in the excess body fat that a person with a body mass index of forty-six will naturally have on their frame.

How many pounds does a BMI 46 person usually weigh?

A fat person standing on some weighing scales

As mentioned, two BMI 46 individuals can have completely different heights. Because of this difference in bone structure, it’s not possible to give a specific weight in pounds for a person with a BMI of 46.

That said, one thing’s for sure; because a 46 BMI is higher than average, a person with a BMI of 46 will naturally weigh much more than usual for a person of their stature.

This is why weight loss, for example, is often discussed in terms of the percentage of your body weight. After all, if you have a really big frame, then losing 5 lbs might not make much difference, but it will if you have a smaller build.

The verdict: Why having a BMI of 46 can be so damaging to your health

No particular BMI will guarantee poor health. It’s just that when a person’s body mass index increases, the likelihood of them having excess body fat increases as well.

Obesity is linked with chronic disease (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, even some cancers) and a variety of other everyday health problems and struggles (back pain, insulin resistance, poor mental health).

But just because life with a BMI of 46 is bleak doesn’t mean that it always has to be that way.

Because a 46 BMI is very high, the weight loss, in terms of raw pounds and kilos, will likely happen faster, and the results will be more dramatic, which will hopefully keep your motivation high.