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No human can reach a BMI of 6

No human can reach a BMI of 6

It’s impossible for a person to reach a BMI of 6, no matter how thin they are.

When you consider that a 6 BMI tripled would still be considered underweight, you begin to see why reaching a BMI of 6 is a physical impossibility.

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Why is it impossible to have a BMI of 6?

A woman wishing she had a BMI of 6

It’s impossible to reach a BMI of 6 because the human body cannot sustain itself at such a (literally) unbelievably low body mass index.

When you consider that a 6 BMI doubled is probably also unachievable for most people, you start to see that extremely low BMIs are impossible for humans to reach.

To the best of my knowledge, the only people who have reached BMIs anywhere close to 6 are people who suffer from dwarfism. And even then, their body mass indexes were still well above six.

The sad reality about dangerously low BMIs

A woman seeing if she has a 6 BMI

While many people want to be slim, the truth is that extreme thinness is a serious threat to a person’s health and life.

Even those with severe eating disorders who are hospitalized don’t reach a BMI as low as six.

Indeed, there have been fatalities among individuals who had BMIs that were double 6 and sometimes even higher than that.

People who have even a somewhat low BMI should talk to their doctor so that they can improve their health by safely increasing their body weight.

In more extreme cases, where a person’s BMI is really low, immediate medical attention may be required in order to stabilize a person’s weight and health.

In summary

To reiterate, a BMI of 6 is too low for any human being to achieve, as are BMIs that are double, in many cases.

While some of us are naturally skinnier than others, there comes the point when too thin is too thin. So if you’re suffering from mild or extreme thinness due to an eating disorder or any other reason, it’s critical to seek help so that your health doesn’t take a turn for the worst.