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Is reaching a BMI of 7 impossible?

Is reaching a BMI of 7 impossible?

Let’s make one thing very clear; it’s not possible for a human to reach a BMI of 7 because the body can’t sustain itself at such an unthinkably low body mass index.

Indeed, if a 7 BMI was doubled, it would still be considered low enough for hospitalization.


Can a person physically reach a BMI of 7?

A BMI 7 woman measuring her stomach

No, a person cannot reach a BMI of 7 because a body mass index of 7 is simply too low to sustain the physical functioning of the human body.

When you consider that a 7 BMI trebled would still be quite slim, you begin to understand the impossibility of low body mass indexes like BMI seven.

A person would, I hope, be hospitalized well before reaching a BMI anywhere close to 7 and, indeed, before reaching a BMI that’s double seven.

Being underweight is a serious problem as it can leave the body susceptible to malnutrition, anemia, regular illness, osteoporosis, and an array of other health complications.

Why would someone have a body mass index close to seven?

A woman with a 7 BMI

The most common reasons for people having dangerously low BMIs are eating disorders like anorexia and body image issues.

Some people also have a low BMI if they have an underlying illness or medical problem that causes them to lose weight.

Obviously, some individuals are naturally skinnier than others, but this genetic variability rarely explains severely low BMIs.

Of course, you can have a low BMI due to a combination of causes. For example, if you’re naturally thin with an eating disorder.

In conclusion

Whatever the case may be for someone having an extremely low BMI, it’s clear that being too thin is a serious problem that can quickly become critical if an individual loses even more weight.

Once again, it’s not possible for anyone to reach a BMI of 7 because the body simply can’t function with such a low body weight and, indeed, would give up well before reaching such a low body mass index.