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Can a person reach a BMI of 9?

Can a person reach a BMI of 9?

When you consider that a BMI of 9 could be doubled and still be considered underweight, you begin to see why reaching a BMI of 9 is impossible for most humans. Indeed, even if you doubled a body mass index of 9, you still wouldn’t have the recommended BMI.

While some people are naturally thinner than others, extreme thinness is very unhealthy and is a sign that someone has a serious health problem that requires immediate medical attention.

While some obese people can live for decades, this isn’t often the case for those who have dangerously low BMIs. 


Is it possible to reach a BMI of 9?

A woman seeing if she has a BMI of 9

For most people, it is not possible to reach a BMI of 9 because the body wouldn’t be able to support life at such a horrifyingly low body mass index.

While there may have been reports of a BMI 9 person here or there, these readings were likely based on people who suffered from dwarfism or from individuals who were in their final days.

There have also been reports of fatalities at BMIs much higher than 9, so it’s highly doubtful that a human could reach a 9 BMI.

Sadly, a person who has a BMI that low may be unlikely to recover due to the weakness and frailty of their body.

Why can’t most people get a BMI of 9?

A thin woman who has a 9 BMI

Malnutrition occurs well before a BMI of 9, which most people obviously can’t reach.

The human body can’t sustain life for very long at dangerously low body mass index levels.

Similarly, a person would, I hope, be hospitalized well before reaching a BMI of 9 or anywhere close to it.

Much gets said about obesity prevention, and rightly so. But we also need to remember that underweight individuals need help as well, especially if they have a severely low BMI due to eating disorders.

In summary

In summary, it’s not possible for most people to reach a BMI of 9 because their bodies would likely start to shut down before their BMI got that low.

Remember, people who have a body mass index that’s double BMI 9 are still underweight and likely very skinny.