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How do short guys get girlfriends? Do short men have a chance?

How do short guys get girlfriends? Do short men have a chance?

This article will give you some short guy dating tips and debate whether or not short guys really have it as bad as they think when it comes to getting a girlfriend.

While height definitely does matter for a lot of women, it’s not as crucial as many people would have you believe.


Is it true that there is no hope for short guys?

no hope for short guys

No, the idea that there’s “no hope for short guys” when it comes to relationships is a completely false belief. A belief which, might I add, is probably holding more short guys back than their actual height is.

Sure, women generally date guys who are taller than them, but part of the reason for this is that men simply are taller than women on average. So, statistically, women are simply more likely to end up with a man taller than themselves.

Of course, there’s likely some hard-wired biological preference for taller men as well, but it’s not like you need to be a giant to get a girlfriend. 

Many women have no problem dating guys who are only slightly taller than they are, and some will even go out with guys that are the same height as them or who are even shorter.

Do short guys have a chance?

do short guys have a chance

While short guys have an undeniable disadvantage in terms of height, there are loads of ways that they can compensate for their lack of stature.

So, yes, short guys do stand a very good chance of finding love if they improve their confidence and stop believing the lies that short guys can’t get a girlfriend.

I know that with the dawn of social media, it seems like every guy is 6ft plus with a chiseled physique, but the truth is that most guys are not like this at all.

And anyway, if you can moderate your social media usage, you’ll develop a more healthy body image around your height and develop inner confidence, which can be extremely attractive.

How do short guys get girlfriends?

I’m certainly not a dating advisor or a life coach, but I think there are definitely some proven ways that short guys can get a girlfriend.

Just make sure that you don’t “get a girlfriend” for the sake of it. Getting into a  relationship is not like getting a new car; human relationships are far more complex and intricate.

They embrace their height

A man holding a tape measure

A lot of short guys do have girlfriends because they embrace their height.

When a guy is confident in spite of his height and doesn’t particularly care that he’s short, he gives off a confidence that can be extremely attractive to women.

After all, when a man is confident, it signals that he has his life in order.

They have good character

A woman and a man on a date

Some taller men think that their height alone is going to sweep women off their feet. And while many girls do like taller guys, height can’t compensate for lack of character and personality when a woman is looking for a long-term partner.

On the other hand, short guys realize that they need to make up for their height, and so they put more effort into becoming a man that girls actually want to hang out with.

You want to be confident without being arrogant so that you seem like a capable man but not a guy who’s delusional.

They date short girls

how do short guys get girls

Look, some girls don’t want to tower over their partner, which is completely understandable.

Yet, even if you’re really short for a guy, there are still so many women who are your height and even shorter.

This means that you have loads of options.

And while you might think that these girls still prefer taller guys, many of them will be open to dating shorter guys if you’re compatible.

They build an awesome life for themselves

A man hiking in the mountains

There are so many tall guys who just waste their potential, and there are so many short guys who make the most out of life every day.

My point is that your height is simply one thing that you can’t control. So why stress about it?

Instead, go on some adventures, build a business, get a promotion, take up a hobby, or do something interesting.

When you build a life that’s awesome, you’ll naturally be more confident, which automatically makes you a more attractive person, irrespective of your height.

They focus on other areas of their body

A man lifting weights

Most short guys know that they can’t make themselves significantly taller unless they’re still growing, so they focus on the areas of their body that they can control.

You can always build muscle and lose fat, and you can always change your haircut and facial hair style.

Similarly, dressing well can give off the appearance that you have your life in order, which again will make you more attractive.


I’ve seen so many short couples in my time that the idea of short guys not being able to get girlfriends can only be false.

In other words, it’s not a physical thing; it’s a lack of self-belief and confidence.

Overall, short guys definitely have a chance with girls if they’re willing to let their personality shine through and fully embrace their height.