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Do women like short men? Or do girls hate short guys?

Do women like short men? Or do girls hate short guys?

Do women like short men? Can short guys be attractive? These are the controversial questions that we’ll be tackling today.

While many short men have confidence issues and believe that their height is negatively affecting their relationships, there are also countless examples of short guys who are happily married or in a relationship.


Do women like short men?

A romantic couple looking at each other

Do women like short men? Yes, while women generally prefer men who are taller than themselves, plenty of women like short men.

Remember, even if you’re a short guy, you can still be taller than a lot of women, which is what counts the most for them.

Sure, some women might have a strong preference for tall guys. But many just want a guy who’s at least slightly taller than they are.

Of course, if you go about your life with the preconceived notion that women hate short guys, then your beliefs, regardless of whether they are true, are very likely to hold you back.

On the other hand, if you mold yourself into a confident, attractive man, then you will undoubtedly become a more tempting prospect, so to speak, for the lovely single ladies out there.

How can short guys be attractive?

The belief that women don’t like short men is not entirely true because there are so many examples to the contrary. And besides, a man can be shorter than average without being outright short.

Still, these simple yet effective strategies will help you to become an attractive man that people want to be around.

Improve your physique

A man lifting weights

Since you can’t make yourself taller outside of puberty, it’s best to focus on the areas of your body that you can control.

And while having a ripped physique and massive muscles is no guarantee of a successful relationship, a developed physique certainly gives off the impression that you’re a strong, disciplined man that cares about his body.

The good news is that many short guys will actually fill out faster than their taller counterparts, by which I mean that their muscles tend to look thicker and more compact because their bones are shorter.

It’s no surprise that many of the top bodybuilders are short.

Let your personality shine through

A man and woman on a coffee date

You might roll your eyes at this one because everyone seems to bang on about “personality,” but how you think and act really is important.

You’re not just a collection of bones and muscles; you’re a human being with a unique face and personality.

As such, in any interaction, the mind is going to take over sooner or later.

Sure, if you’re really short, it might be harder to get your foot in the door, so to speak, which is why having a good physique can help with the initial attraction.

But once women see what a genuine person you are, they’ll be attracted to you because many other guys think that their height, body, or looks are enough to please the modern woman.

Develop your confidence

A confident and well-dressed man

As I’ve said, there are a number of girls who like short guys even more than taller guys, something that can often be true if the girl is very short herself.

Just imagine if you really believed that you were an attractive man. Just think how confident you would be!

That’s why I recommend living life as if you’re a foot taller!

Your height is only a big deal if you make it a big deal. When people see that you’re confident in spite of your height, they’ll be even more attracted to you because of your magnetic confidence.

Build a great life

A man hiking in the mountains

The topic of women and short men definitely has a lot of controversy around it because some short guys think that they’re hard done by.

Whatever the case may be, building a great life for yourself by improving your body, career, confidence, and even your spiritual and religious life can turn you into a man that people admire and respect.

A man with a high social status or simply a guy that’s got his life in order is very attractive indeed. I know that I admire any man who works hard and has discipline, so women will too.

If you think that your life is too boring at the moment, take up some hobbies or go on a few adventures if you have the means, it will probably improve your confidence.

Learn an instrument, play a sport, start a business, or volunteer in your local community. There are loads of ways to build a great life, and success can mean different things to different people.

Is it true that women hate short men?

A man in the friendzone

It’s not true that women hate short men. While some women may find taller men more attractive initially, many girls often realize that short guys can make great partners as well.

There are so many examples of short men who are happily married and who have wonderful relationships with their partners that the notion of women not liking short guys can only be false.

As cliche as it sounds, human relationships are very complex and intricate, and feelings of love and other powerful emotions can definitely transcend physical appearances.

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Do tall girls like short guys?

A short woman standing next to a tall woman

Do tall girls like short guys? Some tall girls do date shorter men, while others understandably prefer taller men due to their own height.

One reason why tall girls might date shorter guys is if the taller men think that their height alone is enough to make them a suitable partner.

On the other hand, short men often realize the importance of character and personality more than their taller counterparts, which can actually make them more attractive.

Obviously, if a woman is tall herself, then she might feel a bit self-conscious if her significant other is shorter than her, especially if it’s by a significant amount.

As such, whether or not tall girls like short guys comes down to the individual woman and her own preferences.

Why am I not attracted to short guys?

A man in the friendzone

Are short guys attractive? Yes, they definitely can be, but not to all women.

If a woman is not attracted to short guys, she might really want an exaggerated male-taller norm within her relationship, which refers to the fact that, in nature and in society, men are typically quite a bit taller than women.

As such, if a guy is the same height as a girl or even shorter, then this lack of contrast can put some women off.

To be blunt, some women may also view short men as less capable than taller men and also as less desirable physically.

Conclusion: Do girls like short guys or not?

In general, I think that most girls prefer a guy who’s taller than them. So while you don’t need to tower over the women that you meet to be seen as a suitable partner, you might be seen as more attractive if you’re a bit taller than the average woman.

Nonetheless, some women, for whatever reason, simply don’t like short guys in the sense of having a relationship with them.

Yet, many women are willing to look past height to the more important aspects of a person, and some don’t think that stature is a big deal at all.