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Is 6’7 too tall for a man or not? Are there any 6’7 women?

Is 6’7 too tall for a man or not? Are there any 6’7 women?

Let’s be honest; we all know that 6’7 is an exceptionally tall height. What you probably want to know is if 6 foot 7 is actually too tall for a man.

So with that in mind, let’s find out what life is really like for a 6’7 man and, yes, for a 6’7 woman as well.

See How Your Height Stacks Up:

How tall is 6’7 for a man?

A tall man standing next to a short man

Is 6’7 tall for a man? Yes, without a doubt, the height of 6’7 is extremely tall for a man because 6 foot 7 men are a full 10 inches taller than the average guy.

It’s safe to say that less than 1% of the population is 6 feet 7 inches tall. Indeed, you could probably go months or even years without coming across a 6’7 male.

Now, sports like football and basketball have normalized heights like 6ft 7in to an extent. But still, encountering a 6’7 person in your everyday life is incredibly rare.

Being a legitimate 6’7 guy may definitely be a good thing in certain contexts because research shows that taller people tend to earn more money than shorter individuals. [1]

It’s also well-known that taller men are viewed as more physically attractive than shorter men by women, although it’s unclear if this height advantage persists into extremely tall heights such as 6 foot 7.

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Are there any 6 foot 7 women?

A tall and short woman stood next to each other

It’s incredibly rare to encounter a 6’7 woman because most women simply don’t have the genetics to be 6 foot 7, even if they have relatively tall parents.

Most people will go their entire lives without seeing a 6’7 girl because 6’7 women are just such a statistical rarity.

That said, there are some 6’7 girls out there, especially in sports like basketball, where height is a major advantage.

A 6 foot 7 woman will obviously stand out and tower way above the majority of men and women that she encounters. 

Naturally, being this tall as a woman may result in some unwanted attention, so it can be really helpful for a 6’7 woman to have a supportive friendship group.

Is 6’7 too tall for a man?

A very tall man standing with his arms crossed

Is 6’7 too tall for a man or not? Even though 6’7 is extremely tall, I wouldn’t say that 6 foot 7 is too tall for a man because many men actually like being significantly taller than the average guy.

Also, if you’re a 6 foot 7 guy, then you’re probably pretty strong, which could definitely make you look more masculine.

Similarly, a 6’7 male is always going to look pretty intimidating unless he’s really skinny, which might be useful if you want to achieve a high position in your chosen career.

Interestingly, those who earn more money tend to view themselves as taller. This is because having more money can raise your social status, which, in turn, increases your confidence and causes you to believe that you’re taller than you perhaps are. [2]

So, while some 6’7 guys may overestimate their height, there are plenty of 6’7 men out there who are genuinely 6 foot 7, which, ultimately, I don’t think is too tall for a man.

At the very least, most men acknowledge that it would be cool to be 6’7 for a while to see people’s reactions, even if they wouldn’t want to be 6’7 permanently.

What does 6’7 look like?

A stadiometer displaying the height 6 feet 7 inches

A 6’7 man looks extremely tall, imposing, powerful, and even intimidating. If you’re a 6’7 male, then you will, quite literally, be head and shoulders above most other people, meaning that you will always always be perceived as strong and physically capable.

6’7 compared to 4’11

6’7 compared to 4’11 looks absolutely huge because of the colossal 20 inch height difference. I’ve never personally seen a height difference this big in person, which is no surprise seeing as both heights are pretty uncommon.

6’0 vs 6’7

If you’re 6’0, then you’re pretty tall. But nobody would realize that if you stood next to a 6’7 person who, as mentioned, is taller than 99% of other men.

This 6’0 vs 6’7 comparison should give you an idea of just how big a six foot seven person really is. You might hear quite a few people claiming to be 6 foot 7 on social media, but in reality, it’s very rare to be 6’7.

Who are some 6’7 celebrities and actors?

Some 6’7 celebrities and actors are Richard Osman, Vitali Klitschko, Peter Jones, Stephen Merchant, Bubba Smith, and Deontay Wilder.

What are the pros and cons of being a 6’7 man?

Here are 7 pros and cons of being a 6’7. At the end, you’ll be able to decide whether life as a 6 foot 7 guy is as good as many people say it is.

Pro: You’re probably big and strong

A muscular man folding his arms

Let’s be honest; virtually no 6’7 man is weak.

Sure, you can be 6’7 and skinny. But the fact that you have a huge bone structure means that you, by definition, have higher strength and muscular potential because you have more physical skeletal space to store muscle mass.

Just look at the athletes who are 6’7; they don’t look anything other than strong, dominant, and borderline scary.

Of course, you can be big and strong at a much shorter height than 6 foot 7. But in general, maximal strength is easier to come by when you’re taller. Just look at the World’s Strongest Man competitors if you don’t believe me.

Pro: You could be a great basketball player

A man playing basketball

Being tall is a major advantage in basketball because you can dunk and block shots more easily.

Of course, there are many 6’7 people who play basketball, so being a 6’7 guy might not give you a huge advantage over your competitors height-wise.

And obviously, there’s a large skill component to the sport of basketball, so height alone isn’t enough to guarantee success on the court.

Pro: You can reach things other people can’t

A man reaching for an object on a shelf

If you see someone struggling to reach an item on the high shelf at the store, then your 6’7 physique will come in handy.

While most of us would have to stand on our tiptoes and stretch to reach certain shelves, a 6’7 man could simply and casually reach up and grab whatever item he pleases.

Logically, this could be good for sports like boxing, where having a longer reach gives you an advantage over your opponent.

Pro/Con: You look intimidating

A giant man standing next to a much shorter man

Depending on your point of view, being a 6’7 male could either be a good or bad thing because, like it or not, you’re going to seem intimidating to a lot of people.

In contact sports like football and rugby, intimidation can work to your advantage.

But when you’re trying to start a polite conversation with an older lady, your 6’7 frame could make you seem more aggressive.

On the positive side, a 6’7 person is much less likely to get harassed by street salespeople and other such hawkers.

Con: Hard to find clothes that fit

A man getting measured by a tailor

Although some stores and online retailers have good “big and tall” sections, this isn’t the case everywhere.

As a result, 6’7 men can often struggle to find clothes that fit them well, something that’s especially true if the 6’7 guy is quite skinny, in which case off-the-peg items may be really baggy around his legs and arms.

So clothing could be more expensive for a 6 foot 7 person, seeing as extremely large sizes are not produced in the same quantity as more normal sizes.

Con: Simply tasks can be uncomfortable

A man stuck inside a cardboard box

Forget bumping your head; try getting in a standard bathtub or laying comfortably in an average bed when you’re 6 foot 7. Yeah, it’s not gonna happen!

Even some cars might be too small for a 6’7 man to sit comfortably, and you’ll always need extra legroom on planes, which means a more expensive ticket.

Being so tall may also make you feel claustrophobic in places where the average person would have plenty of space to move around.

Ultimately, when you’re 6’7, your height is something that constantly has to be taken into consideration.

Con: You might get stared at

Close up of a woman's eyes

I won’t lie to you; If I saw a 6’7 person, I’d probably take a second look to marvel at their frankly impressive physical stature. After all, it’s not every day that you see a 6’7 guy walking around town.

As such, if you’re 6 foot 7, some people are naturally going to stare at you because your height is so uncommon.

Now, some 6’7 people may actually like all the attention, and it can make them feel like a celebrity.

On the other hand, some 6’7 people just want to feel normal and get on with their lives like everyone else, so the constant height questions and stares can become annoying after a while.

Conclusion: Is it good to be a 6’7 guy?

A handsome man wearing a blazer

Overall, I’d say it’s good to be a 6’7 guy because most men really do like the idea of being tall and towering above the other men that they meet.

At the height of 6’7, you’re never going to be stuck for a conversation starter because your impressive 6 foot 7 stature can do the talking for you, if you so wish.

Being a 6’7 male is also advantageous in certain sports like football, rugby, and basketball.

And yet, regular activities aren’t always comfortable for a 6’7 person, so you’ll need to think before you engage in tasks and activities that a normal person could do on autopilot.


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