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Is 6’2 tall for men and women? And is it a good height?

Is 6’2 tall for men and women? And is it a good height?

One thing’s for certain; if you’re 6’2, then you’re significantly taller than most men and women. So does this mean that 6 foot 2 is a good height? Ideal, even?

While there are plenty of successful 6’2 actors and celebrities out there, being 6 feet 2 inches tall isn’t always good for everyone.

See How Your Height Compares:

Is 6’2 tall for a man?

A stadiometer displaying the height 6 feet 2 inches

Is 6’2 tall for a man? Yes, 6’2 is very tall for a man because 6ft 2 is five inches taller than average for an adult male.

To put things into perspective, a 6’2 guy would be taller than roughly 90-95% of other men that he comes into contact with.

So even though all the talk of being 6’2 on the internet can make you think that 6 foot 2 is a common height, it really isn’t. To be a 6’2 male is actually pretty rare and would certainly place you in the very tall category.

Yet, at the same time, a 6’2 person isn’t too tall. What I mean by this is that you won’t absolutely tower over the average guy in most cases, but you will be noticeably taller than usual.

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Is 6’2 tall for a woman?

A woman getting her height measured with a stadiometer

Is 6’2 tall for a woman? Yes, the height of 6’2 is incredibly tall for a woman and would easily make her taller than 99% of adult women.

Indeed, to even see a 6’2 woman is actually quite rare. I can’t remember the last time I actually saw a 6 foot 2 woman in person, although I have seen a few 6’2 women in my time.

None of this is to say that being a 6’2 woman is bad, although some tall girls obviously don’t like their height because they stand out so much.

Still, some 6’2 girls actually love being tall, so it just goes to show that what you think of yourself is more important than what other people think of you.

At the very least, a 6’2 girl will never struggle with thinking up a topic in order to break the ice in a social or workplace setting!

Is 6’2 a good height for a guy?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Is 6’2 a good height for a guy? Yes, 6’2 is a good height for a guy. In fact, I would go so far as to say that 6’2 is an excellent height for a man because you’re significantly taller than the average guy, but not weirdly tall either.

Most 6’2 males will be able to buy clothes that fit them well, and they should be able to go about their daily business without being uncomfortable.

Sure, 6’2 men might have to duck their heads down every now and again, but being six foot two is unlikely to give you any real problems.

Research also shows that tall people are generally viewed as more competent than shorter individuals, so being 6’2 could plausibly give you an advantage in the workplace or in a business setting. [1]

6’2 height FAQ

A man with a thoughtful expression on his face

This 6’2 height FAQ answers the questions that people most commonly have about being 6 foot 2—a greatly desired height.

How tall is 6’2 in centimeters and inches?

Six foot two is equal to 187.96 centimeters or 1.8796 meters, and there are 74 inches in 6ft 2in.

Knowing how tall 6’2 is in centimeters can be very useful if you’re researching height, seeing as most height data is displayed in centimeters and inches for greater precision.

Is 6’2 the perfect height for a man?

A stature of 6’2 is often said to be the perfect height for a man because, at 6 foot 2, a man is tall without being too tall.

Of course, for certain activities, such as basketball, being even taller than 6’2 is advantageous. Whereas for other sports, such as horse racing, being shorter is actually beneficial.

In terms of physical appearance, however, I’d say that a range of heights, including 6’2, could be said to be ideal for a man.

Tall people may also be stronger than shorter individuals. [2] This is because a larger bone structure naturally has more space for muscle mass, so being 6ft 2 could be advantageous for weight lifting or contact sports.

If my dad is 6’2, how tall will I be?

It depends on how tall your mother is and how much growing you still have left to do. In general, people say to add your mom’s and dad’s heights together (in inches), divide by two, and then add 2.5 inches if you’re male or subtract 2.5 inches if you’re a female.

Obviously, this formula doesn’t guarantee anything. I, for example, am two inches taller than this formula predicted, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Is 6’2 a foot taller than 5’2?

Yes, 6’2 is an entire foot taller than 5’2. To say it another way, there are 12 inches between 6’2 and 5’2.

Is Steph Curry 6’2 or 6’3?

The basketball player Steph Curry is commonly listed as either 6’2 or 6’3. Based on the photos that I’ve seen, I’d say that he’s more like 6’3 than 6’2. 

Is Ireland Baldwin 6’2?

Although some sources claim that Ireland Baldwin is 6’2, it appears that she’s more like 6’1. Of course, it’s hard to guess her precise height from photos, so there is a chance that she could be 6’2, perhaps not barefoot, though.

Who are some famous 6’2 celebrities and actors?

Some famous 6’2 celebrities and actors are Hugh Laurie, Sean Connery, John Newman, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Reynolds.

What does 6’2 look like?

A man getting measured with a stadiometer

What does 6’2 look like? A 6’2 male looks much taller than the average man and yet, doesn’t look strangely tall, which is why so many men wish that they were 6 foot 2.

With the 6’2 height comparisons below, you’ll learn precisely why 6ft 2 stacks up so well against other popular heights.

6’2 compared to 4’11

6’2 compared to 4’11 obviously looks gigantic because of the 15 inch height difference. And yet, a 4’11 and 6’2 couple can actually look complementary, and some people like to have a big height gap between themselves and their partner.

So, while a 4’11 girl next to a 6’2 guy will look tiny, this height gap will certainly reinforce and exaggerate the expectation of the guy being taller than the girl.

5’0 next to 6’2

5’0 next to 6’2 looks really small because of the 14 inch height difference. A 6’2 man next to a 5’0 woman would look even taller than he already is, which could be a good thing depending on your point of view.

In this scenario, the woman would barely be up to the man’s shoulders!

6’0 vs 6’2

6’0 vs 6’2: Which height is better?

Well, both heights are obviously good for men and are, indeed, very much sought after, so to speak.

Obviously, the 6 foot 2 man will be noticeably taller than the 6 foot guy. So if you want to stand out due to your height, then being 6 feet 2 would be preferable.

On the other hand, if you just want to be “pretty tall” and still blend in, then being 6 foot would be the better option, not that you can choose!

6’2 vs 6’3

6’2 and 6’3 are very similar heights with little visual difference. If you really look, you’ll be able to see the small height difference. 

But in the grand scheme of things, being 6’2 or 6’3 makes minimal difference, although I would say that, for some reason, 6’3 does sound quite a bit taller than 6’2. Maybe that’s just me.

6’2 next to 6’5

While 6’2 next to 6’5 definitely doesn’t look short, it does look noticeably smaller. I think if you saw a 6’2 person next to a 6’5 person, you’d marvel more at the latter person’s height rather than think the 6’2 person is short. 

Conclusion: Should a 6’2 man be happy with his height?

A happy couple looking at each other

Yes, a 6 foot 2 man should be ecstatic with his height because he has virtually all of the benefits of being tall without any of the side effects that come with being exceptionally tall.

Of course, for most 6’2 men, the novelty of being tall will likely wear off at some point. 

Still, being 6’2 is undeniably advantageous for certain sports and activities, so 6’2 guys really don’t have anything to complain about height-wise. 


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