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Is 6’4 tall and a good height for a man?

Is 6’4 tall and a good height for a man?

If you’re wondering whether 6’4 is a good height for a man or whether it’s actually too tall for a guy, then this 6’4 height guide is for you.

You’ll also find out why 6 foot 4 is a much rarer height for men than most people would have you believe.

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Is 6’4 tall for a guy?

A stadiometer displaying the height 6 feet 4 inches

Is 6’4 tall for a guy? Yes, the height of 6’4 is exceptionally tall for a man because 6 foot 4 is 7 inches taller than the average for an adult man.

Statistically, a 6’4 man would be taller than at least 95% of other men that he comes into contact with, some of whom he would absolutely tower over.

Since research shows that tall men are seen as stronger and more physically attractive than their shorter counterparts, being a 6’4 guy may well come with some big advantages. [1]

You should also know that 6 feet 4 inches, despite what you may read elsewhere, is a very rare height for a man. 

Remember, less than 5% of men are over 6’4, so you shouldn’t feel bad or think that you’re short if you happen to be under six foot four.

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Is 6’4 a good height for a man?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Is 6’4 a good height for a man? Yes, the height of 6’4 is a great height for a man because taller men are perceived as more physically attractive than shorter guys.

I’d say that 6ft 4in is the last height in the very tall category before you’re considered incredibly tall. That’s my opinion based on what I’ve read and the conversations I’ve had, but I think most people would agree.

Of course, the height of 6’4 is going to be perceived differently depending on where you live—some cultures may value height more than others. 

If you like the idea of being much taller than the average guy, then being 6’4 is obviously great. This is especially true considering that you’re unlikely to get the extreme amounts of (potentially unwanted) attention that come with being incredibly tall.

Another advantage that 6’4 guys have is that they have a better chance of career success and tend to earn more than their shorter colleagues.

How tall is 6’4.5?

A man getting his height measured

The impressive height of 6’4.5 is very tall indeed. A man who’s 6’4 and a half would be around a foot taller than the average woman, and he’d be significantly taller than the majority of men that he meets.

Of course, some men who think that they’re 6’4 or 6’4.5 have probably measured themselves incorrectly.

After all, you hear quite a few people claiming to be 6’4 and 6’4 ½ who, in photos at least, look a fair bit shorter.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with being shorter than 6 foot 4. My point is simply that many guys can be fooled into thinking that they and others are taller than they really are, which can make shorter guys feel inadequate.

Can a woman be 6’4?

A tall and short woman stood next to each other

Is it possible for a woman to be 6’4? Yes, although it’s extremely rare to meet a 6’4 woman, a woman can definitely be 6’4 if she has the genetics to be exceptionally tall.

When you consider that 6’4 is very tall for men, who tend to be much taller than women, you begin to realize that the height of 6’4 is, quite frankly, gigantic for a female.

Although rare, there are examples of 6’4 women who have embraced their height and have actually begun to enjoy being so tall.

At the very least, you would have to concede that being a 6’4 girl is very impressive indeed. After all, you could probably go your entire life without seeing a 6’4 woman in person!

What does 6’4 look like?

A man holding a briefcase

What does 6’4 look like? A 6’4 male looks very tall because he towers over the majority of men and women that he meets. You could even say that the height of 6 feet 4 inches is tall to the point where it looks a bit intimidating.

To put this into context, the following 6’4 height comparisons will explain what 6’4 looks like next to three different heights.

4’11 next to 6’4

4’11 next to 6’4 looks really small thanks to the huge 17 inch height difference. If you saw a 6’4 man and a 4’11 woman together, their heights would probably be exaggerated in opposite directions, meaning that the 6’4 guy would look even taller than he already is.

6’0 vs 6’4

6’0 vs 6’4: Which height is better?

First off, it’s important to note that while it isn’t short, 6’0 does look noticeably smaller than 6’4. So which height is better?

If you just want to be a bit taller than average, then 6’0 is the better height. But if you want to tower over people and look as powerful as possible, then 6’4 is the superior height. Obviously, this comparison is just for fun; you can’t choose how tall you are!

6’4 vs 6’7

6’4 and 6’7 are both very tall heights, with 6’4 being in the very tall category and 6’7 being in the extremely tall category.

The latter height is better for sports like basketball, but you might get some unwanted attention for being that tall, and people might not be as willing to strike up a conversation with you.

6’4 FAQ

A man with a thoughtful expression on his face

Whether you’re 6’4 yourself or are wondering what life is like for a 6’4 man, this FAQ will put you in the know.

Is 6’4 too tall?

Is 6’4 too tall? No, I wouldn’t say that 6’4 is too tall for a man. After all, there are actually a lot of men who want to be 6’4 so that they can feel strong and powerful, so 6’4 really is a good height for a guy.

Of course, 6’4 guys might not fit as easily in certain cars, and they might bump their heads every now and again.

Still, It’s unlikely that a 6’4 person will be viewed as less attractive or less competent than a shorter individual, so I definitely wouldn’t say that 6 foot 4 is too tall, all things considered.

Is 6’4 attractive?

Is 6’4 attractive? Yes, 6’4 is an attractive height because studies have consistently shown that taller men are seen as more attractive than their shorter counterparts.

Also, as tall as 6 feet 4 inches is statistically, it’s not tall to the point where most people would say that you’re too tall.

So as a 6’4 male, you get all the benefits that come with being tall without any of the drawbacks that come with being extremely tall.

Who are some famous 6’4 celebrities and actors?

Some famous 6’4 celebrities and actors include Liam Neeson, David Hasselhoff, Steve Redgrave, Eddie Hearn, Gerard Pique, Virgil van Dijk, Abraham Lincoln, and Tom Brady. 

Is The Rock really 6’4?

One thing’s for sure; Dwayne Johnson is tall. But is The Rock really 6’4? Some sources say that he is, with others even claiming that he’s even taller at 6’5. 

But CelebHeights reckons that The Rock is actually under 6’3 barefoot. Maybe one day he’ll get measured with a stadiometer.

How tall is 6’4 in centimeters and inches?

The height of 6’4 is equal to 193.04 centimeters or 1.9304 meters, and there are 76 inches in 6 feet 4 inches.

Conclusion: What’s it like being 6 foot 4?

A thoughtful looking man

Since there aren’t that many 6’4 people walking the streets, being a 6 foot 4 man definitely means that you’re part of an elite height club.

You might even want to list your 6’4 height on your resume, seeing as taller people tend to get better jobs and higher wages. [2]

As a 6’4 man, you’re also well set up genetically for athletic success; you’re big and strong and can’t be matched on physicality, but you’re not so tall that your height hinders your athleticism. 


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