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Is 5’3 short for a guy? Is life good for a 5’3 man?

Is 5’3 short for a guy? Is life good for a 5’3 man?

As you probably already know, 5’3 is well below the average height of a man in the US. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

While many 5’3 men are unhappy with their height, there are some 5’3 guys who accept the hand that they’ve been dealt and walk around with a confidence which, if isolated, would suggest that they’re much taller than 5 foot 3.

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Is 5’3 short for a guy?

A stadiometer displaying the height 5 feet 3 inches

Is 5’3 short for a guy? Yes, 5’3 is very short for a guy because such a height is 6 inches shorter than average for a man. While it’s not bad to be a 5’3 man, 5ft 3in is undeniably short.

Let’s put things into perspective with some statistics. In the US, a 5’3 man would be shorter than more than 95% of the men that he comes into contact with.

So while most men are taller than 5’3, there are still some men who are 5’3 and even smaller. In other words, you’re definitely not alone if you’re a 5’3 guy. If it was just you and a few others who were 5’3, I wouldn’t be writing this article!

While research does suggest that short men are more likely to be dissatisfied with their height, there are plenty of reasons why a 5’3 guy should be optimistic. [1]

At the height of 5’3, roughly 40% of women will be your height or shorter, meaning that you can still find a partner who’s smaller than you.

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Is it bad to be a 5’3 man?

A boy looking upset

Being a 5’3 man isn’t bad, and to say so would be unfair. After all, you should not feel bad about having a physical attribute that you can’t control.

Still, many 5’3 guys wish that they were taller and may feel like they’ve been cursed at times, especially when people cruelly make fun of their height.

And yet, by living with confidence and confidently rebutting any nasty height jokes, you can completely change people’s opinion of you.

Many taller individuals also lack confidence, so if you can show that your 5’3 stature isn’t getting you down, then people will naturally be drawn to you by your confidence and optimism.

I don’t want to sound like a self-help guru here, but being a 5 foot 3 man really isn’t anything to be ashamed of because there are plenty of women who are shorter than you.

And besides, if you really want, you can make yourself look taller than 5’3. More on this in a minute.

Is 5’3.5 short or tall for a man?

A man standing on a stadiometer

Although a height of 5’3.5 is definitely still short for a man, it’s just half an inch shorter than average for a woman, meaning that there will be plenty of women who are your height and even smaller.

Being 5’3 1/2 also comes with other advantages. For example, research suggests that certain groups of shorter men may live longer than taller males. [2]

So, while you might not love being a 5’3 male, being taller definitely doesn’t guarantee a happy life, either.

How can 5’3 men look taller?

A person holding some insoles

A 5’3 boy can naturally get taller if he has a growth spurt. But if you’re a 5’3 guy in your late teens or 20s, this is unlikely to happen.

So the question then becomes, how can a 5’3 man look taller?

Besides standing tall and practicing good posture, the most effective way to make yourself look taller is to wear height-increasing insoles of some kind.

Sure, some people might say that “it’s cheating,” but loads of people enhance their appearance on a daily basis in other ways.

And you’d probably be surprised to know that quite a lot of shorter men already make use of height-increasing shoes or insoles.

You can, of course, just opt for regular shoes with a thicker heel. But if you want to achieve a substantial height boost that will take you from the short to normal category, then height-increasing products are the way to go.

Who are some male celebrities that are 5’3?

A famous man getting out of the car

Some male celebrities that are 5’3 include Joe Pesci, Martin Scorsese, Peter Lorre, Melvyn Hayes, and Davy Jones.

Is Joe Rogan 5 foot 3?

No, Joe Rogan is not 5 foot 3 and is, in fact, significantly taller than this. The premier resource for celebrity heights, for example, estimates that the famous podcast host Joe Rogan is actually 5’7. [3]

Is Kevin Hart 5’3?

Is Kevin Hart 5’3? No, the comedian Kevin Hart is not 5’3 and is, according to most online sources, 5’2 or just over, meaning that he’s just under 5’3.

In Summary: Why is 5’3 short for men?

A man getting measured with a stadiometer

So, is 5’3 short for men? Yes, the simple reason that 5’3 is short for a guy is that it’s 6 inches shorter than average for a man. 

But as I’ve hopefully managed to articulate in this article, there’s more to life than simply being tall, and plenty of men have managed to live happy and fulfilling lives despite not being ecstatic about their 5’3 stature.


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