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Why do I attract short guys? (3 reasons)

Why do I attract short guys? (3 reasons)

Why do short guys like me? This is a common question that a lot of girls have. And while there’s no one answer to this question, there are a few different reasons why you might be attracting short guys.


Why do I attract short guys?

It’s not bad to attract short guys. After all, short men really do have a lot to offer, perhaps even more than their taller rivals in some cases.

Anyway, here are the most common reasons why a girl attracts short guys.

Opposites attract

A romantic statue

If you’re fairly tall for a girl and the guy is pretty short, then he might like you because he feels that your heights balance each other out.

Obviously, this is true, but it’s usually the other way around; the man is almost always taller than the woman in a romantic relationship.

Still, there are plenty of examples of short-man-tall-woman couples, but they often get together in spite of their height difference, not because they particularly like it.

Similarly, if a short guy has been rejected by tall women before—or if he’s simply received what he feels is unfair treatment for his shortness—then he might want to prove to himself that he can date a tall girl.

Of course, it’s not nice to objectify a woman like this because women are not something to be gained, but it could be a reason why a woman is attracting short men.

You might be a similar height to him

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A short guy might not necessarily go after women who tower over him, but he might be open to dating girls who are of a similar height to him.

Again, he might feel that tall girls are off the table, so to speak, and so he might naturally gravitate to girls like you, who might be of a normal height.

So if you’re a fairly average height for a girl, then you might attract guys who are a similar height to you but pretty short for a guy.

For reference, guys are usually 4-5 inches taller than girls, although slightly bigger and smaller height differences are also quite common among couples.

It might not even be a height thing

A man in the friendzone

You might not necessarily be attracting short men because short guys really like you. In other words, it could be a coincidence.

Perhaps you’re just really friendly to everyone you meet? 

There is nothing wrong with friendliness, of course, but your welcoming personality could nevertheless be encouraging shorter guys—who may not usually get much recognition from women—to pursue you romantically.

It’s just a thought. It could be pure coincidence.

Conclusion: Is it good to attract short guys?

Many women are happy that short guys find them attractive, and yet they wish that they’d get attention from taller guys too.

We’ve gone over the most common reasons why a woman would attract short men, but there could also be something unique to you that’s making you attract short guys.