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Do tall guys like tall girls?

Do tall guys like tall girls?

Why do tall guys like tall girls? Is it because they can easily relate to each other? Or is it because tall women are just super attractive because of their height?

For a lot of tall men, it’s probably a combination of the above. So let’s take a look at the individual reasons why many tall guys like tall girls.


Do tall guys like tall girls?

A short woman standing next to a tall woman

Many tall guys like tall girls because they can relate to each other about the benefits and challenges of being tall.

At the very least, their shared tallness is a great ice breaker, which can certainly lead to a relationship down the road if they’re personally compatible.

Also, some short women don’t like a man that absolutely towers over them, meaning that taller women may naturally be a more suitable option.

Why do tall men like tall women?

There are multiple reasons why tall men like tall women, some of which you probably haven’t considered. 

They can relate to each other

A man and a woman on a date

Being tall comes with its challenges, something that short people don’t always understand.

As such, it can be fun and cathartic to discuss the problems that can arise when you try to navigate the world as a tall guy or girl.

Humans are relational creatures, so sharing a common trait can, at the very least, provide an initial point of similarity that can potentially blossom into a wonderful relationship.

They can form a very practical relationship

A couple holding hands at the beach

I realize that the word “practical” in the context of human relationships doesn’t sound very romantic, but hear me out.

If a tall guy and a tall girl are a fairly similar height, they won’t have to constantly adjust themselves to their significant other.

Holding hands, hugging, and, yes, kissing, will all turn into more practical displays of affection when the couple are of a similar height.

They might want really tall children

A girl getting her height measured by her parents

Many men (and women) want their offspring to be big and strong. And when both partners are tall, the chance of them having tall children is very high indeed.

This biological reality might make men more interested in tall women if they’re keen to preserve their characteristically tall family height.

Having a tall family can help the family members to relate to each other and share in the struggles and benefits of being tall.

Tall women can be confident

A confident woman standing with her arms crossed

Many tall women actually love being taller than the average girl, and they embrace their impressive height every single day.

Naturally, this confidence radiates around the room, so to speak, and attracts those who she comes into contact with.

When you add this confidence to a shared tallness, it’s clear why so many tall guys like tall girls.

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In summary

While not all tall guys like tall girls, many do. Having someone that you can relate to is the basis of any relationship, which is why tall guys and tall girls can make a wonderful romantic couple.

One more reason why tall guys might end up with a tall girl is if the tall girl insists on dating a man who’s taller than her. In this case, she’d obviously end up with a tall guy.