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Do short guys like tall girls?

Do short guys like tall girls?

If you’re wondering why you’re attracted to tall girls or why some short guys like tall girls, then this article is for you.

You don’t often see a very short guy with a very tall girl, but that’s not to say that such a relationship can’t work out.

Indeed, there are many couples with large size differences who embrace the height gap and even enjoy the attention it brings.


Do short guys like tall girls?

A woman measuring her height

Some short guys do like tall girls, whereas others prefer girls who are closer to them in height. It mainly depends on the individual man and his preferences.

Short men might like tall women because they see taller girls as more physically attractive than their shorter counterparts.

Also, some men might be put off girls who are taller than them, leaving tall girls with fewer dating options. This could plausibly open the door for shorter men, who, if they’re confident, could be more than happy to date a taller girl.

Finally, based on my research, some short guys have a weird obsession (if I may say so) with tall girls and often fantasize about feeling emasculated by walking in public with a woman who towers over them.

Why do short guys like tall girls?

What is it that attracts short guys to tall girls? Is it the intrigue of having a taller partner? Or are tall girls simply more open to short guys?

Tall girls might be seen as aspirational

A man and a woman looking into each other's eyes

If a guy has received poor treatment throughout his life because of his height, he might feel that dating a tall girl proves to him that he’s overcome the challenges of being a short guy.

Understandably, some tall girls won’t like being seen as a trophy girl. But if short guys are naturally attracted to tall girls and focus on personal compatibility as well, such a relationship can be genuine.

Tall girls are often slim

A woman running on the treadmill

Many—but not all—tall girls are slimmer than their shorter counterparts, which may make them attractive to some men.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being tall and a bit chubby from a physical appearance standpoint.

Still, many men, on a hard-wired evolutionary level, seek out women that look healthy.

So while short men might not want the slimmest possible women, they might prefer a slim tall girl to a chubby short girl. Again, it comes down to the guy’s own preferences.

Tall girls have long legs

An athletic woman in her pink gym gear

Let’s be honest; many girls wish that they had long legs, just like the models they see on social media.

Obviously, reducing people to body parts is not nice. Still, many short guys find women with long legs (and thereby tall girls) attractive and very elegant.

Some guys love the height contrast

A man and a woman holding a tape measure

Some short guys like tall girls because they like the difference in height and feel that they balance each other out.

Obviously, a short guy is, by nature, going to have more girls who are taller than him, meaning that there’s simply a higher probability (compared to taller guys) of him dating a woman who’s taller than him.

Some tall girls are more open to dating short guys

A man and woman on a coffee date

As mentioned, some guys might not like the idea of dating a tall girl.

The same is also true for short guys; some women might not want a man who’s shorter than them.

Well, as you can see, this means that out of all the people in the dating market, so to speak, tall girls and short guys—height-wise, at least—might just have the least dating options out of everyone.

Therefore, they might be open to dating people of different heights, which could mean that short guys and tall girls naturally come together.


Overall, short guys do like tall girls in many cases, but others might be self-conscious about their significant other towering over them and making them feel smaller than they already are.

Of course, some short guys simply don’t care about a woman’s height and will date her regardless of how tall she is.

If you look around the web, you’ll see countless stories and photo examples of tall girls and short guys, so this kind of pairing can definitely work out.