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1 cm height difference: Noticeable or not?

1 cm height difference: Noticeable or not?

You know what? So many people are concerned about their height these days and, more specifically, how tall or short they look in comparison with other people.

But get this, a 1 cm height difference is barely detectable when you’re looking for it. 

Therefore, other people will hardly be able to tell if you’re one centimeter shorter or taller than someone else.

That said, if you want to offset that pesky 1 centimeter height difference, then this article will tell you how to do just that.

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Is a 1 cm height difference noticeable?

A man and a woman holding a tape measure

A 1 cm height difference is absolutely minuscule and is therefore not noticeable to most people. Why?

Because one centimeter is less than half an inch! Do you really think that the average person has the care to constantly seek out such a tiny height difference?

I don’t think so. So if you’re concerned about being 1 cm shorter than your partner, for example, then don’t be. Because honestly, nobody will be able to notice.

Sure, if you get two people (who have a 1 cm difference in height) to stand back to back, and then you really look closely, you might be able to see a slight stature difference.

But when two people with a one centimeter height difference are walking down the street, the difference is barely detectable to even the sharpest pair of eyes.

How can you offset a one centimeter height difference?

A man wearing boots

Not only can you offset a 1 cm height difference, but you can also reverse it too.

If you improve your posture and stand tall, then you’ll likely be able to increase your height by a centimeter or even slightly more.

Add in some shoes with a thick heel, and you can end up a centimeter or two taller than the person who was a centimeter taller than you to begin with.

To be clear, you can’t increase your height after puberty. These small modifications simply increase your perceived height, which is to say how tall you look to other people.

Is 1 cm a big height difference?

Two men stood next to each other

Say that you grow a centimeter in height; will this make you look substantially taller?

In isolation, I’d definitely say no.

But if you continually add centimeters to your stature throughout your physical development, then you will end up being significantly taller.

That said, if you improve your posture, then you’ll be able to maximize your skeletal height and gain perhaps a centimeter or so of extra stature.

So in this sense, one centimeter can make a difference because you always look taller (and more confident) with good posture than with bad posture.

Is a 1 cm height difference between people normal?

A happy young couple

A 1 cm height difference is definitely normal. After all, unless you’re incredibly tall or really short, I’m sure that there are plenty of people who are within one centimeter of your height!

That said, a 1 cm height difference is more common among two men or two women than between people of different genders.

This is because men are expected to be more than a centimeter taller than women, whereas many males, for example, are often a very similar height.

Still, there are male-female couples who have a 1 cm difference in height, whether that’s with the man being taller or the woman.

This just goes to show that a one inch height difference really is a minute height gap that you shouldn’t worry about.

In summary

Now you know that a 1 cm height difference is barely noticeable. In fact, most of the time, a 1 cm difference in height isn’t noticeable at all.

If two people have a one centimeter height difference, then they’ll appear to be the exact same height from the viewpoint of other people.

And if you’re wondering whether growing a centimeter taller will make a difference to your stature, the answer is not really

Sure, if you keep growing, those centimeters will really start to stack up. But a single centimeter is unlikely to make any visual difference to how tall you look.