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Is a 3 cm height difference noticeable?

Is a 3 cm height difference noticeable?

Most people will be able to notice a 3 cm height difference. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that a 3 cm difference in height is too large or a bad thing.

There are many people—couples, friends, siblings—who have a 3 centimeter height difference between themselves and another person. 

It’s no big deal, and hopefully, this article will help you to understand why. But in case you’re not satisfied with your current height gap, I’ll also show you a few ways to reduce and reverse the three centimeter difference in height.

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Is a 3 cm height difference noticeable between two people?

A man and a woman standing back to back

A 3 cm height difference, while far from huge, is likely to be noticeable to most people because, at just over an inch, 3 centimeters is no small measurement when it comes to human height.

A three centimeter height difference between two animals or objects would be unlikely to catch our attention because we generally don’t care if one dog is ever so slightly larger than the other or if a particular car has a slightly higher roof.

Between humans, however, height differences that seem small on paper can often be quite striking in reality.

That granted, I definitely wouldn’t say that 3 centimeters is a striking height difference. 

Noticeable? Almost certainly, if you look for it. But it’s not going to cause any controversy, that’s for sure.

What does a 3 cm height difference look like?

A young happy couple posing for the camera

You might think that we’ve basically answered this question, but actually, the answer is quite nuanced. Here’s what I mean.

A 3 cm height difference looks more or less striking depending on who the height difference exists between.

Say you have two male friends. In this case, a 3 cm difference in height is normal and is to be expected.

On the other hand, a 3 cm height difference between a male-female couple will stand out much more, especially if the female is taller than the male.

This is because it’s not expected that a woman will be taller than her partner. On the contrary, it’s commonly expected that the man will be more than 3 centimeters taller than his partner.

None of this is to say that a three centimeter difference in height should be a dealbreaker in any kind of relationship. Rather, it’s just to point out that certain pairings, so to speak, are more likely to have a 3 centimeter height difference than others.

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Can you get rid of a 3 centimeter height difference?

A person holding some insoles

It might surprise you to find out that you can reduce and even reverse a 3 cm height difference. 

Yes, this means that if you’re currently 3 cm shorter than someone else, you could end up being slightly taller if you implement these height-boosting techniques.

Let’s start off with posture. Almost everyone could improve their posture because many of us slouch and have rounded shoulders and necks—even if we don’t realize it.

Stretching does improve your posture by straightening out your spine, but it doesn’t actually lengthen your bones. Instead, posture improvements simply allow you to display the full height of your skeleton.

Obviously, one session of stretching doesn’t lead to a permanent height increase. You’ll need to stretch daily if you want to maintain your maximum stature.

Now for footwear. While you can buy insoles that instantly boost your height by 3 centimeters or more, many people don’t want to use these products. So, if you want to keep things natural, you can simply opt for a shoe with a thicker heel.

If your partner is on board with this and also wants to reduce the 3 cm difference in height, then you can achieve a double-whammy by getting them to wear flat shoes.

All in all, these two improvements, when combined and maximized, will probably get you at least 3 cm of additional height. Not too shabby, eh?

Conclusion: Is three centimeters a big height difference?

I definitely wouldn’t say that three centimeters is a big difference in height, but it is noticeable. 

In other words, while a 3 cm height difference won’t massively stand out, it’s also not a height gap that’s so small that it’s undetectable.

You should take comfort in the fact that many couples have a 3 cm difference in height, so if you’re 3 cm shorter or taller than your partner, then it really is no problem at all.

Of course, if you do want to close that height gap, then you have the tools to do so as well.