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2 cm height difference: How noticeable is it?

2 cm height difference: How noticeable is it?

A 2 cm height gap, in the grand scheme of measurements and stature, is a very small height gap. 

Since two centimeters is less than an inch, not everyone will be able to notice a 2 cm difference in height.

That said, if you want to learn what a 2 centimeter height difference really looks like (and if you want to find out how to reduce or even reverse it), then this article is for you.

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Is a 2 cm height difference noticeable?

A woman holding a measuring tape

Is a 2 cm height difference noticeable? If you look really hard for it, then I’d say that a 2 cm height difference is noticeable when it exists between two people.

However, if a couple with a 2 cm height difference is walking down the street, then it’s unlikely that the height difference will jump out at anyone.

Two centimeters is a small enough height difference to where things like posture and footwear can reduce or even reverse a two centimeter difference in height.

But if the couple, to continue with our example, stand back to back or side by side, then I’d say that the 2 cm difference in height will definitely be visible.

However, the difference in stature, at just 2 centimeters, wouldn’t exactly be what you’d call striking. I think that a subtle height difference is a more appropriate way to describe a 2 cm height gap.

Why do people commonly have a 2 centimeter height difference?

Two men stood next to each other

There are many couples, friends, and siblings who have a 2 cm height difference, so you certainly shouldn’t worry about a 2 cm difference in height being uncommon.

That said, a 2 centimeter height difference is more common between two men than a male-female couple. Why is this?

It’s because, in terms of stature, men are often within a few centimeters of one another, whereas men are almost always quite a bit taller than women, usually by more than 2 centimeters.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with a couple who only has a 2 cm height difference, even if the female is taller. This is because 2 cm really isn’t much of a height difference which, as mentioned, can easily be compensated for.

Siblings may also have a two centimeter height difference due to slight genetic variations in stature. After all, not all brothers, for example, are the exact same height even though they have the same parents.

Finally, two friends might have a two centimeter height difference. This is not a big deal, especially at just 2 centimeters which, as noted, is not a blindingly obvious height difference. 

However, some people, especially guys, really don’t like being shorter than their friends, particularly if they’re the shortest guy in their friendship group.

How can you reduce a 2 cm difference in height?

A pair of boots

Reducing a 2 cm height difference comes down to improving your posture and making purposeful footwear choices.

By improving your posture, you might be able to boost your stature by around a centimeter. Not too shabby. The catch is that this posture improvement will go back to baseline after you sit down for a while.

Still, doing the right stretches will straighten out your spine and enable you to display the full height of your skeleton.

In terms of footwear, if you want to make yourself taller than your partner, for example, then here’s what you can do: Get them to wear flat shoes with no heel, and make sure that you wear shoes with a fairly thick heel.

When added to the posture improvements mentioned above, this footwear change will actually reverse the 2 cm difference in height by making you a centimeter or so taller than your partner.

Conclusion: Is a two centimeter height difference acceptable?

While height is a big concern for many men and women these days, it’s safe to say that a 2 cm height difference falls into the category of “barely noticeable.”

The average person doesn’t constantly analyze the height difference between the people they encounter, so you don’t have to worry about being 2 cm shorter or taller than someone else.

And yet, you now have two proven ways to reverse this height difference so that you can be the taller person in the relationship or friendship, if that’s indeed what you’re aiming for.