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How wide are 23 inch shoulders?

How wide are 23 inch shoulders?

If you have genuine 23 inch shoulders, then you have an incredibly wide physique. After all, the average man’s shoulder width is much less than 23 inches, so if you’ve got 23″ shoulders, then you’re definitely genetically blessed when it comes to broadness.

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How broad are 23 inch shoulders?

A man with broad 23 inch shoulders

So, just how broad are 23 inch shoulders? Based on anthropometric data and our own measurement research, 23 inch shoulders are extremely wide because they’re around 4-5 inches broader than average. That’s a lot of extra width when it comes to the shoulders.

People with 23 in shoulders tend to have wide clavicles and a significant amount of deltoid and upper back muscle, which further widens their already-broad frame.

Indeed, most people who lift weights on a regular basis don’t have 23 inch wide shoulders. So you’re definitely in an elite club if you have a 23 inch shoulder width.

Who can build 23 inch shoulders?

A man doing a shoulder press

There are two ways to get 23 inch shoulders.

The first is to have genetically wide shoulders. In this case, your bone structure is making up most of your shoulder size. But even with long clavicles, it’s likely that you’d still need to add muscle to your frame to get genuine 23″ shoulders.

The other option is to have a physique like a professional bodybuilder. You wouldn’t know it, but many pro bodybuilders actually have pretty small frames.

But since they have borderline unbelievable amounts of deltoid and upper back mass, the extra tissue can often result in them having 23 inch shoulders despite their clavicles being on the narrow side.

Of course, not everyone has the genetics to get 23 in shoulders, and that’s fine. Indeed, most people don’t. And anyway, you can still look very broad without having 23″ shoulders, that’s for sure.

What does it mean if you have a 23 inch shoulder width?

A man with a 23 inch shoulder width

It probably means that you’re a man, for starters. But more significantly, having 23 in shoulders means that you have a large build and long clavicles.

Of course, there might well be a tiny proportion of women who have 23 inch wide shoulders, especially if they’re really tall.

Still, the vast majority of people with a 23 inch shoulder width are males with long clavicles and a very muscular upper body.

Indeed, since 23 inches is a very large measurement, you likely need both the frame size and the muscle mass to get 23″ shoulders naturally.

The verdict on having 23 inch wide shoulders

A man with 23 inch wide shoulders

If you have 23 inch shoulders, then that’s great for you. It’s very likely that you have an enviably wide physique and an outstanding v-taper.

However, if you’re aiming to sculpt 23″ shoulders, then try not to fixate on the specific measurement. As mentioned, not everyone has the genetics to get 23 inch wide shoulders, so don’t feel bad if you don’t hit your measurement goal.

You can always build broader shoulders by adding muscle to your deltoids and back. So, as always, your best bet for becoming broad is to lift progressively heavier weights and bulk up.