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Is 4’12 a height? Or is it the same as 5’0?

Is 4’12 a height? Or is it the same as 5’0?

Is 4’12 a thing? Can you be 4’12 tall? This article will clear things up and explain why people say that they’re 4 foot 12 inches tall.

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Is 4’12 a height?

A woman being measured with a stadiometer

Is 4’12 a height? No, even though it sounds real, 4’12 is not a height. The reason for this is that, after the 11th inch, you move up to the next whole inch.

As such, 4’12 is the same as 5’0.

So, a 4’12 height girl, for example, is actually 5 feet tall, which is much easier for most people to understand.

Since there are 12 inches in a foot, some people may use the 4’12 height out of genuine confusion.

Other people do it just to be funny, knowing full well that 4’12 sounds shorter than 5 foot.

It can also be interesting to see people’s reactions when you tell them that you’re 4’12; hopefully, they realize that there are 12 inches in a foot!

How tall is 4’12 in centimeters and inches?

How tall is 4’12 in centimeters? The height of 4 feet 12 inches (4’12) is equal to 152.4 centimeters or 1.524 meters, and there are 60 inches in 4 foot 12.

How tall is a 4’12 height girl?

A girl getting her height measured

Even though it’s not possible to be 4’12—since such a height is correctly called 5’0—4 foot 12, if it was a real height, would be considered short.

Specifically, a 4’12 woman would be 4 inches shorter than the average female, and around 90% of other women would be taller than her.

A 4’12 man would, of course, be extremely short, considering that most males are around 9 inches taller than this height.

Is 4’13 a height?

Is 4’13 a height? No, 4’13 is not a real height. But if it was, it would be equal to 5’1. Remember, there are 12 inches in a foot. But when you give your height in feet and inches, you move on to the next whole foot after the eleventh inch.

Is 4’15 a height?

Is 4’15 a height? No, 4’15 is definitely not a height. But if it was, 4’15 would work out at 5’3. Saying that you’re 4’15 would make most people really confused.

Conclusion: Can you be 4’12 or not?

So, in summary, you can’t be 4’12 because, since there are 12 inches in a foot, you automatically move up to the next whole inch after the eleventh inch. This means that a 4’12 height is actually equal to 5 feet.

Still, some people do make a mistake, and, to be fair, 4ft 12 does sound realistic because of the fact that 12 inches, without the feet, is a real measurement.