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Is 4’11 short a woman? Do 4’11 girls have it tough?

Is 4’11 short a woman? Do 4’11 girls have it tough?

This 4’11 height guide will tell you precisely how short 4 feet 11 inches is for girls and women so that you know exactly where you fit on the height spectrum.

I’ll also answer some common questions that 4’11 people have regarding their height.

Is 4’11 short for a woman?

A woman being measured with a stadiometer

Is 4’11 short for a woman? Yes, the height of 4’11 is very short for a woman because a 4 feet 11 inch woman would be in the 5th height percentile, meaning that around 95% of women would be taller than her.

Considering that 4 foot 11 is a fairly common height for 11 year old girls, you begin to realize that a 4’11 woman is much smaller than average (around 5 inches smaller, to be specific).

Now, being a 4’11 female isn’t a bad thing. Research shows that men tend to prefer shorter women, so being a 4’11 girl could actually be a good thing in some respects because you’re virtually guaranteed to be shorter than every man you meet. [1]

Of course, life as a 4’11 woman isn’t plain sailing either. It can be annoying when people tell you that you’re short (as if you didn’t already know), and reaching things on high shelves can often be an impossible task.

Still, 4’11 women aren’t that uncommon; if you walk around any city, then you’re very likely to see multiple 4’11 women, especially older 4’11 women, who tend to be a bit shorter than the younger female generation.

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How tall is 4’11 for a male?

A man holding a tape measure

The height of 4’11 is not tall for a man at all and is, in fact, a whopping 10 inches smaller than average!

Of course, some guys are naturally shorter than others due to their genetics or because of a medical condition.

So, while a 4’11 man is undeniably short, he shouldn’t feel bad for being small because your height isn’t something that you can control.

A 4’11 male is quite rare statistically if we’re talking about adult men. But if we’re talking about a 4’11 boy, then they’re more common because any growing boy will be 4ft 11in at some point during his development.

What does 4’11 look like?

A woman measuring her height

Although 4’11 isn’t exactly a common height, you will definitely have encountered a 4’11 person before, whether you realize it or not. As such, 4’11 people don’t exactly look unusual, even though they are short.

That said, I would still put 4’11 women in the very short category, meaning that, even next to a regular woman, a 4’11 woman will look really short.

A 4’11 height girl will still be taller than some of the people that she encounters, but it might only be 1 in 25 adult women, depending on the area that she’s in.

As mentioned, older women, for whatever reason, do tend to be shorter than younger women. As such, an older 4’11 woman is a more common sight than a younger 4’11 woman.

4’11 compared to 5’0

The height difference between 4’11 and 5’0 is only one inch. As such, the 4’11 person won’t look particularly small when they’re standing next to the 5 foot person.

Obviously, 4’11 and 5’0 are both short heights in the grand scheme of things. The point is that your perceived height can change based on who you’re standing next to.

So, if you’re really worried about looking too short, for example, then, besides wearing high heels, you can try to stand next to people who are a similar height to you.

4’11 compared to 6’0

4’11 compared to 6’0 looks tiny because of the 13 inch height difference. But this isn’t to say that a 4’11 and 6’0 couple can’t work out.

As I said before, men tend to prefer shorter women anyway, so a 4’11 girl and a 6’0 boy could actually look fine together and perhaps even complementary.

4’11 height FAQ

A thoughtful woman

This 4’11 height FAQ will clear up the answers to some common questions that people have about being 4 feet 11 inches tall.

How tall is 4’11 in centimeters, meters, and inches?

The height of 4 feet 11 inches (4’11) is equal to 149.86 centimeters, 1.4986 meters, and 59 inches. 

If my mom is 4’11, how tall will I be?

Your future height depends on the height of both parents. Typically, it’s recommended to add the height of both your parents (in inches) together, divide by two, and then add 2.5 inches if you’re male or subtract 2.5 inches if you’re female.

Obviously, this calculation is just an estimate. Some people exceed their predicted height, whereas others don’t reach it. 

If you want to be taller than your 4’11 mom, then the best thing that you can do is to lead a healthy lifestyle; get plenty of sleep, get good nutrition, and do enough exercise.

Is 4’11 a little person?

Somebody who’s 4’11 would probably be considered small and little by most people. But if by little person you mean a dwarf, then you’d need to be an inch shorter to achieve this classification.

How long do 4’11 people live?

While it’s not possible to give a precise life expectancy based on your height, research does show that shorter individuals have greater longevity than taller people and potentially also a lower incidence of certain diseases. [2]

Conclusion: Is being a 4’11 woman a good thing?

A woman holding a measuring tape

It’s perfectly fine to be a 4’11 woman or a 4’11 girl. After all, at the height of 4 foot 11, you’re definitely not alone (otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this article!).

Of course, some 4’11 women don’t like their height. But since your stature is not something that you can change, it’s best to just make the best of your current height, which you can increase by wearing heeled shoes and practicing good posture.


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