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Is the height of 4’9 short for a person?

Is the height of 4’9 short for a person?

If you’re curious about how tall or short a 4’9 person really is, then this height guide is for you. Virtually everyone will be 4 foot 9 at some stage during their physical development, but as you’ll soon learn, remaining at the height of 4 feet 9 inches is a very rare occurrence indeed.

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Is 4’9 short for a woman?

A girl getting her height measured with a stadiometer

Is 4’9 short for a woman? Yes, a height of 4’9 is extremely short for both adult women and teenage girls.

This is so for a few reasons.

One, the average woman is seven inches taller than a 4’9 woman. That’s a massive height difference.

Second, 4’9 women would be below the 3rd height percentile, meaning that they’d medically be classed as having short stature, which could be due to their genetics, growth delay, or some other kind of medical condition. [1]

Additionally, when you consider the fact that some 10 year old girls are not far off 4ft 9in, you start to realize just how short a 4’9 female actually is.

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Is 4’9 a good height for a girl?

A girl getting her height measured

It’s difficult to say whether a given height is good or not, and 4 foot 9 is no exception. 

Your height is not something that you can change if you’re a fully grown adult, but a 4’9 girl who’s still developing might be able to get taller.

I don’t like to say that a particular height is bad because you can’t control your height, so it’s not your fault that you’re only 4 foot 9.

You could certainly say that a 4’9 height girl is normal if she’s around ten years old, but if she’s significantly older than this, then she’s objectively short.

So, a 4’9 kid is a much more common sight than a 4’9 woman. Still, 4’9 girls do become rarer once you get into the teenage age group.

Can a man be 4 foot 9?

A very short man

While it’s definitely possible for a man to be 4 foot 9, such a height is very uncommon for a man because 4ft 9in is a whole foot shorter than average.

Any 4’9 male would be considered to have short stature, which could impact his quality of life because some work tasks could be hard to perform, and he might struggle to find a partner through conventional avenues.

A 4’9 boy is, of course, much more common, and any boy will be 4 feet 9 inches tall at some point during his years of growth.

Still, in the grand scheme of height, a 4’9 man is quite a rare occurrence, but this doesn’t mean that 4’9 men have anything to be ashamed of.

4’9 height FAQ

A thoughtful woman

Learn more about 4 foot 9 people with this helpful 4’9 height FAQ.

How tall is 4’9 in centimeters and inches?

The height of 4 foot 9 (4’9) works out at 144.78 centimeters or 1.4478 meters, and there are 57 inches in 4 foot 9.

What does 4’9 look like?

A 4 foot 9 person looks very small because they’re much shorter than the average man and woman.

Without sounding too condescending, 4 foot 9 people, in many cases, will look like children (height-wise) next to taller individuals. 

This is because many ten-year-olds are 4 foot 9, so hopefully, this comparison gives you a good idea of what a 4’9 person actually looks like.

Is it normal to be a 4’9 kid when growing up?

Yes, there are many kids who are 4’9. In fact, logically, anyone who is taller than 4 foot 9 had to have been 4’9 at some point during their years of growth.

If I’m 4’9, am I a dwarf?

Yes, if you are a 4’9 adult, then you’re medically considered to be a dwarf, but only just. The average dwarf is over 20 centimeters shorter than a 4’9 person. [2]

Conclusion: Is it okay to be a 4’9 person?

A woman holding a measuring tape

As I’m fond of saying, any height is okay (in the sense that you don’t need to worry about it) as long as it doesn’t affect your health.

Of course, some 4’9 women desperately want to be taller. But unless you’re a 4’9 girl who’s still growing, then there’s nothing that you can do to make yourself taller.

And you might be able to take some comfort, presuming that your height actually does bother you, in knowing that there are plenty of women out there who are even shorter than 4’9.


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