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Is the height of 4’10 short for women and girls?

Is the height of 4’10 short for women and girls?

If you’re a 4’10 woman and are wondering how short your height is, then this guide will put you in the know. 

You’ll learn if 4’10 women have a harder time than their taller counterparts, and you’ll also find out what percentage of women are taller than 4 feet 10 inches.

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Is 4’10 a short height for a woman?

A woman getting measured with a stadiometer

Is 4’10 short for a woman? Yes, 4’10 is definitely short for a woman because such a height is a whopping 6 inches shorter than average for an adult female.

A 4’10 girl would be shorter than at least 95% of women that she comes into contact with, which isn’t surprising when you consider that most 11 year old girls are a bit taller than 4 foot 10.

Obviously, if a 4’10 woman wishes that she was taller, then she can make herself look taller by wearing high-heeled shoes.

But since height is generally not thought to be as important for women as it is for men, it’s not all that bad to be a 4’10 female. [1]

Sure, people might comment on your height a lot, and you might need assistance when it comes to reaching the higher shelves at the store. But in the grand scheme of things, being a 4’10 woman isn’t bad because you can still lead a pretty normal life.

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Are there any 4’10 men?

A senior man thinking

While there are undoubtedly some 4’10 men out there who have short stature due to their genetics or a health condition, such a height is very uncommon for a man.

I can’t remember the last time that I saw a 4’10 man, which is likely because 4ft 10in is almost an entire foot shorter than average for an adult male.

Still, even though a 4’10 male is very short, nobody should feel bad or less of a person because of their height, which is a physical characteristic that’s outside of your control.

To be sure, 4’10 boys aren’t particularly uncommon, depending on the age of the boy, because virtually every male will be 4’10 at some point during his development.

What does a 4’10 person look like?

A woman measuring her height

A 4’10 height looks short, that’s for sure. But a young 4’10 girl will look less short than a fully-developed 4’10 woman.

This is simply because, at the start of puberty, many girls are around 4 feet 10 inches tall or thereabouts.

On the other hand, the average woman is 6 inches taller than our 4’10 case study by the time that she reaches adulthood (and usually a number of years before adulthood). As such, 4ft 10in is a rarer height for a woman than for a girl.

As an example, a 4’10 person next to a 6’0 person looks tiny because of the massive 14 inch height difference.

So, a 4’10 person will look more or less short depending on who they’re standing next to, which also holds true for people of other heights.

Is it good to be a 4’10 woman?

A woman holding a measuring tape

Even though research does suggest that taller women are more satisfied with their height than short women, it’s perfectly okay to be a 4’10 female. [2]

After all, many men prefer women who are much shorter than themselves, particularly if the man is shorter than most other guys.

Additionally, although your height is extremely visible and not really something that you can hide, nobody should feel defined by their stature or lack thereof.

And anyway, if you really want to look taller, then you can simply wear a heeled shoe and gain a good few inches of extra height that way.

I know that some 4’10 women don’t like their height. But what I can tell you from my research is that this is also the case for people of every other height. 

So it just shows that your perception of your height is more important than the actual height in feet and inches.

Conclusion: How short is 4 foot 10?

For a woman, 4 foot 10 is six inches shorter than average, and for a man, 4 feet 10 inches is 11 inches shorter than usual.

Obviously, there are still some 4’10 women walking around, so you’re definitely not alone if you’re a 4’10 woman yourself.

Some people are naturally short, and that’s okay. While you can temporarily change your height by wearing certain kinds of shoes, you can’t make yourself physically taller.

Being a 4’10 height girl probably means being smaller than your friends, but I’d also like to think that your height won’t present any kind of social barrier either.


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