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Are 47 inch hips too big?

Are 47 inch hips too big?

One thing’s for sure; anyone with 47 inch hips definitely has a very above average hips size for women and men of all ages and builds. But how does having 47″ hips affect your body?

Well, it depends on the size of your waist, your bone structure, and your body composition. But I can tell you right now that a 47 inch butt is definitely not a normal buttocks size for an adult.

See How Your Hips Compare:

Are 47 inch hips big for a woman?

A woman with 47 inch hips walking on the beach

Are 47 inch hips big for a woman or not? Yes, 47 inch hips are undeniably big for a woman, regardless of her bone structure and body composition. This notion is supported by anthropometric data, which shows that 47″ hips are 7 inches larger than usual for an adult female.

But without knowing the size of your waist, it’s impossible to say definitively that 47 in hips are too big for a woman to live in good health. After all, research actually suggests that large hips and a low waist-to-hip ratio are actually protective against heart attacks. [1]

And that’s just one study. Other data suggests that large hips are protective against cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well. [2]

Of course, if you do have 47 inch hips and a really slim waist, then your body might look out of proportion. So it’s definitely possible to get too much of a good thing (i.e., a low waist-to-hip ratio).

As mentioned, your bone structure—in particular, your height—also influences how your 47″ hips look. While it’s true that wider hip bones will result in larger-looking hips, hip bone width doesn’t vary as significantly as height.

So, if you’re pretty short, then your 47 inch glutes will look huge because they’ll naturally be condensed over a small surface area. Obviously, a 47 inch butt will look large at just about any height. But when you’re tall, your glutes are stretched out over a larger surface area, meaning that they don’t stick out as much.

Are 47 inch hips big for men?

A man with 47 inch hips

Are 47 inch hips big for men? Yes, 47 inch hips are really big for men because US measurement data shows that 47 in hips are 8 inches bigger than normal for an adult male.

You could argue that the average measurement is already pretty big. So you can clearly see just how ginormous 47″ hips are for an adult man.

Yet, when we talk about a 47 inch hip size, we’re also talking about 47 inch glutes. And since the glutes are the biggest muscle that you have, they have a lot of potential to grow bigger if you become really strong on exercises like squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts.

Still, it’s unlikely that muscle mass alone would account for a 47 inch hip circumference; you’d very likely need to put on some body fat to get genuine 47 inch hips.

What size are 47 inch hips?

A chart showing what size 47 inch hips are in women's clothing

What size are 47 inch hips? In many cases, 47 inch hips are equal to a size XL in women’s clothing, which works out at a US size 16-18. Just know that precise sizing heavily depends on the brand and on the specific item of clothing. That’s why there’s so much sizing variation.

Is it possible to build a 47 inch butt?

A woman working her 47 inch butt muscles

Honestly? Most people probably don’t have the genetics to build a 47 inch butt without getting fat. You’d need a very large hip bone structure and a lot of glute size to build a 47 inch booty.

But this isn’t to say that building 47 inch glutes is impossible for everyone. Indeed, if you tend to store a lot of fat on your hips, and you perform serious glutes training, and you have a large frame, then it might just be possible for you to get a 47 inch butt.

But building glutes this size requires more than just raw effort—picking the right exercises is crucial for getting results.

There’s one amazing study that goes a long way to proving what many strength coaches have long believed to be true.

The researchers found that hip thrusts really challenged the glutes in the top half of the rep—when the glutes are maximally contracted—whereas split squats taxed the glutes in the middle and bottom half of the rep when they’re really stretched. [3]

In other words, hip thrusts are split squats are opposite exercises and, when performed in the same program, can lead to massive glute growth. Indeed, these two movements have long been my favorites for building the glutes.

So, in summary, train your glutes from multiple angles to get the fastest and best results.

In conclusion: Do many people have 47″ hips?

A woman with a 47 inch booty walking on the beach

Most people definitely don’t have 47 inch hips because they really are a big size. However, this isn’t to say that you should feel bad about having 47″ hips because there’s a chance that you just so happen to store most of your body fat around your hips.

Of course, many people who do have a 47 inch hip size are overweight, which is obviously not ideal for your health. So make sure to factor in your other measurements and your body weight when deciding whether or not you need to slim your hips.


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