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How do you get a 51 inch chest?

How do you get a 51 inch chest?

As you can see on our chest circumference chart, a 51 inch chest is very big indeed. The only people who have a 51″ chest are bodybuilders, obese people, and those who measured their chests inaccurately!

This guide explains how natural lifters can get a 51 in chest (it takes more than just massive pecs) and why you don’t necessarily need to get a 51 inch chest in order to look jacked.

See How Your Chest Stacks Up:

How big is a 51 inch chest?

Close up of a man's big 51 inch chest

How big is a 51 inch chest for a man who lifts weights? For a bodybuilder or a male weight lifter, a 51 inch chest isn’t just big; it’s truly massive. This is especially true if you have a relatively lean 51 in chest.

Now, if you have a big ribcage, then you’re naturally going to have an easier time (but by no means an easy time) getting a 51″ chest compared to someone with a narrow frame and a small ribcage.

In a similar way, having a wide back will contribute a lot of inches to your chest measurement. So make sure to do plenty of pulldowns and rows if you want to get a 51 inch chest naturally.

To be extra clear, let me use a helpful example. Let’s take two guys, one is a 6’7″ recreational weight lifter, and the other is a 5’6″ professional bodybuilder. They both have a 51 inch chest.

The short pro bodybuilder will have a bigger-looking chest (even though it’s the same size) because a larger proportion of his chest consists of muscle tissue as opposed to bone mass.

In other words, there are two ways to get a 51″ chest: A big frame and big muscles. Having a combination of both will make the task even easier.

What does it take to build a 51 inch chest?

A bodybuilder looking at his big 51 inch chest

Honestly? You need a pretty big frame if you want to build a 51 in chest naturally. Most of us simply don’t have the bone mass to carry the pectoral and upper back muscle mass that’s necessary to have a 51 inch chest.

The good news? You can look absolutely great—jacked, even—while having a chest that measures much less than 51 inches.

But let’s continue with the thought experiment. What would it take for a natural lifter to get a 51 inch chest?

You’d almost certainly need to be 20-25% body fat. Only naturals with a huge frame can get a lean 51″ chest.

In addition, you’d likely need to be at least 6 feet tall and probably even taller. This is because taller people tend to have larger ribcages, which will make it easier to get that 51 inch measurement.

Most importantly, you’d need to hammer your chest and back with heavy weights. These two muscle groups respond excellently to heavy weighted stretches during the eccentric portion of your reps, so make sure to do plenty of bench presses, pullovers, pull-ups, and pulldowns.

There are many more mass-building exercises that you can do; these are just some of my personal favorites for gaining size.

What size is a 51 inch chest?

A man with a 51 inch chest size

A 51 inch chest is equal to a size 3 XL (XXXL) in most men’s clothing brands. Not all stores will stock this size, so you might need to order online or get tailored clothing if your other body parts aren’t in proportion to your frankly huge 51″ chest.

The verdict on having a 51″ chest

A bodybuilder showing his 51 in chest

Having a 51 inch chest is great if you’re a bodybuilder because the pecs are one of the most iconic muscle groups (thanks, Arnold). So many guys want pecs that bulge through their shirt, and at a colossal 51 inches, you’ll definitely have a chest to be proud of if you’re a dedicated lifter.

Of course, chasing specific circumference measurements isn’t usually the best idea because we’re all built differently. How your muscles actually look is much more important for a bodybuilder. Measurements are just a convenient way to track your progress.