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Does anyone have a 60 inch chest?

Does anyone have a 60 inch chest?

Is a 60 inch chest the ideal male chest size? Maybe if you’re a bodybuilder. But for most people, a 60” chest is an indicator that they’re obese.

Still, this doesn’t mean that building a lean 60 in chest is impossible for everyone. With the right genetics and the desire to be a bodybuilding pro, a few gifted individuals would likely be able to sculpt a legit 60 inch chest.

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How big is a 60 inch chest?

Close up of a man's 60 in chest

How big is a 60 inch chest? A 60 inch chest is very big. To be more accurate, a 60” chest is absolutely huge because it’s around 20 inches bigger than average for an adult man.

To put things into perspective, if your shoulders are 60 inches, then you’re huge. So to have a chest that measures 60 inches is completely mind-blowing.

It suffices to say that very few individuals—even professional bodybuilders—have the genetics to sculpt a ginormous 60” chest.

And as you’ll soon learn, you need more than just bulging pecs if you want to achieve 60 inch chest measurement.

What does a 60 inch chest look like?

A bodybuilder flexing his 60 inch chest

If someone has a 60 inch chest, then it will look unbelievably huge. You’d do a double-take and still think that your eyes aren’t working.

But if you want to see what a 60 in chest actually looks like in real life, take former bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno as your example.

At one point, Lou Ferrigno weighed 330 lbs and had a chest that measured over 60 inches in circumference—that’s bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger!

So how was Lou Ferrigno able to build a 60” chest?

Lots of hard work, to be sure. But, as I’ll explain in just a moment, Ferrigno had one thing that most bodybuilders of his time didn’t.

What does it take to build a 60″ chest?

A bodybuilding man training his big 60 inch chest

If you want to build a 60 inch chest, then there are no two ways about it; you need a massive frame.

That’s exactly what Lou Ferrigno had. At 6′5″, Ferrigno was a very tall bodybuilder, and when you have plenty of height, you naturally have a bigger bone structure. Crucially for building a 60 in chest, being tall means having a large ribcage, which really helps to expand your chest circumference.

Of course, your pectoral muscle mass and back width play a huge role in building a big chest measurement, but your bone structure is the basis for any circumference measurement, and that most definitely includes the chest.

So, if you have a big frame and lots of muscle mass, then it’s conceivable that you could build a 60 inch chest. But since you’re not Lou Ferrigno, you’d likely need to bulk up to a much higher body fat level in order to stretch the tape measure to 60 inches.

What shirt size is a 60 inch chest?

A man with a 60 inch chest size

A 60 inch chest is equal to a 4 XL or a 5 XL shirt size in men’s clothing. It depends on the brand, and you might want to size up if you’re on the cusp of two sizes.

The verdict: Is building a 60 in chest a good idea?

A muscular man looking at his 60 inch chest

As mentioned, most lifters simply don’t have the genetics to build a 60 inch chest or a chest remotely close to that size. And even if you did, you’d likely need to weigh well over 300 lbs, which would put your health at risk.

So while it might seem cool to have a record-breaking chest, that mass would likely be at the expense of your health (professional bodybuilders aren’t exactly healthy, especially not these days).

Still, there’s nothing wrong with trying to bulk up your circumference measurements. Slowly increasing your body weight and the resistance that you’re lifting will help you to do just that. But make sure to take things slowly at first so that you don’t get injured in the gym or gain too much fat on your physique.

After all, there are people with 60” chests, but it’s not due to them being muscular. So don’t fixate on specific measurements. Keep lifting, and the gains will come.