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Is 6 foot tall for women? How rare is a 6 feet woman?

Is 6 foot tall for women? How rare is a 6 feet woman?

If you’re wondering whether or not a woman can be 6 feet tall, the answer is a resounding yes. Although it’s pretty rare to come across a 6 foot woman in our everyday lives, there are definitely women out there who stand 6 feet tall.

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Is 6 foot tall for a woman?

A 6 feet tall woman getting her height measured

Is 6 foot tall for a woman? Yes, 6 foot is exceptionally tall for a woman because a 6ft woman is 8 inches taller than the average woman.

A 6 ft woman would also be 4 inches taller than women in the 95th height percentile, which likely means that 6 foot women are taller than 99% of other females.

A woman who’s 6’0 likely has tall parents or an especially tall parent on one side of her family.

Considering that a 6 foot tall woman will be taller than most men she encounters, it’s fair to categorize 6 ft women as extremely tall.

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How rare is a 6 feet woman statistically?

A thoughtful woman

As mentioned, a 6 feet woman is very rare statistically because 99% of women are under 6 foot. So roughly 1 in 100 women might be 6 feet tall.

Indeed, you could probably go months without coming into contact with a 6ft tall woman, although most people will probably have encountered a few 6 feet tall women in their lives, whether they realize it or not.

It’s also more common for a younger woman to be 6ft tall because, based on the measurement data, the younger generations of women do seem to be significantly taller than the older generations.

Now, just because 6 foot tall women are rare statistically doesn’t mean that there’s anything objectively wrong with being a 6 foot girl. More on that in a sec.

What are the pros and cons of being a 6 ft woman?

A woman getting her height measured with a stadiometer

Let’s start with the cons so that we can end on a high. Some research does suggest that very tall women are less reproductively successful. [1]

The authors note that this was likely because women with extreme heights are more likely to suffer from ill health, which would make it harder for them to find a partner.

Also, while 6 foot isn’t an uncommon height for humans, there aren’t exactly loads of 6 foot girls out there, meaning that some 6 feet women may receive unwanted attention for their height.

Of course, some 6ft tall women love being tall, and they get a feeling of satisfaction when people notice their height or ask them questions like “How tall are you?

A 6 ft woman isn’t so tall that she’ll bang her head everywhere that she goes, but one thing that all tall girls will understand is that buying well-fitting clothes can be a nightmare.

Now for the good news. If you’re a 6 ft woman, I really don’t think that you’re tall to the point where guys would be put off. After all, there are a decent number of men these days who are over 6 foot, and anyway, there’s much more to a woman than just her height or physical appearance.

Additionally, taller people tend to have higher social status and more career success, and some research does suggest that taller women tend to focus on their careers more. 

But it’s also true that people generally view taller women as more masculine than short women. [2] If you’re worried about this, then you can dress in a way that could make you appear more feminine.

Who are some notable 6 foot female celebrities?

Some 6 ft tall female celebrities are Katarina Johnson-Thompson, Ireland Baldwin, Pam Stone, Toni Garrn, Geena Davis, and Janet Street Porter.

Conclusion: Is it good to be a 6 foot tall woman?

A woman holding a measuring tape

Overall, it’s perfectly fine to be a 6 foot tall woman. Although some 6 foot women don’t exactly love their height, there are still quite a few 6ft women out there who are making the best of their height.

Of course, buying clothes isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but there are actually a lot of shorter women out there who would love to be as tall as you.

As you can see, there are plenty of 6 foot female celebrities—even more than I listed up there—who have no problem with their impressive height.


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