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Is a 60 kg bicep curl an impressive lift?

Is a 60 kg bicep curl an impressive lift?

What is a good weight to curl? Is a 60 kg bicep curl good?

Using real-life examples, which is the best data that we currently have on bicep curl strength, we’ll answer both of those questions so that you can see how strong your biceps really are.

Our main biceps page has plenty of training tutorials so that you can learn the correct technique and really strengthen your biceps. Additionally, you can also see our other curl weight guides so that you can learn how your strength stacks up.

How good is a 60 kg barbell curl?

A man doing a 60 kg barbell curl for his biceps

A 60 kg barbell curl is an excellent lift. Whether you can do one rep or ten reps, your bicep strength is well above average if you can curl 60 kg with good form.

Now, if you’re just swinging 60 kg around with the help of your legs and back, then you’re not really displaying much in the way of biceps strength.

On the other hand, if you’re curling 60 kg with a full range of motion and lowering the bar under control, then you can be very satisfied with your achievement. A 60 kg barbell curl is an excellent strength milestone for any natural weight lifter or bodybuilder to reach.

If you can do 5 reps or more, then that’s very good. If you can smash out a set of 10 or more reps, then that’s truly exceptional.

Is performing a 60 kg dumbbell curl possible?

Considering that a 60 kg barbell curl is already an impressive display of strength, you might think that a 60 kg dumbbell curl is well and truly impossible.

And for 99% of lifters, a 60 kg dumbbell curl is indeed impossible.

Yet, there are few mass monsters out there who can legitimately curl 60 kg dumbbells for reps.

Dale Shepherd is one of those people. He did 60 kg hammer curls for reps while getting a complete range of motion. Yes, he used some momentum to get the weights moving, but his biceps were still doing most of the lifting.

I was shocked to see that he was lifting the dumbbells all the way up and actually contracting his biceps. I’ve seen people curl heavy dumbbells before, and they usually do pathetic partial reps and train nothing other than their ego. But Dave actually did full reps, and his arms are certainly a testament to his disciplined lifting technique.

60 kg bicep curl case studies

Learn the kind of physique and training intensity that you need in order to curl 60 kilograms with good form.

Case study 1: JoeFit TV

If you thought that curling 60 kg for reps required huffing and puffing, then just watch how easily the man behind JoeFit TV managed to curl 60 kg.

Without grimacing, this fella curled 60 kg for 7 clean reps. When you’re as strong as he is, I think you earn the right to curl in the squat rack!

Also, if you ever needed evidence that curling power is a function of bicep size (which in turn is often a function of body weight, especially lean body mass), just look at this guy. His arms are enormous and clearly look capable of curling 60 kilos.

You could browse the internet for hours without finding a cleaner set of 60 kg bicep curls. Amazing stuff.

Case study 2: Pstaplehurst

The man behind the YouTube channel pstaplehurst is extremely strong. He regularly posts videos of his impressive lifts, and his 60 kg bicep curl is no exception.

He managed to get 10 reps with a weight that’s a decent bench press for many people.

He also demonstrated what controlled cheating looks like (perhaps cheating is too harsh of a description because his form was very good).

Anyway, towards the end of his set, when his biceps were getting fatigued, he used a slight bit of momentum to squeeze out a few more reps, which is a great way to trigger new growth by overloading your biceps with extra fibre-tearing tension.

Again, this man is a great example of the fact that big biceps = a strong curl.

Case study 3: Ryan F

Ryan F posted a video of himself performing a 60 kg dumbbell curl. Actually, to be a bit more precise, it was a 60 kg preacher curl.

It appears that Ryan mainly trains for arm wrestling, which means that he doesn’t curl in the typical bodybuilding fashion.

Nevertheless, he lowered the dumbbell quite far down the preacher pad and then, like an armwrestler, used more than just his biceps to heave the weight back.

Considering that most serious lifters couldn’t bench press that much weight in each hand, it’s incredible that this man can do any kind of curl with 60 kilograms.

Conclusion: How long does it take to do 60 kg bicep curls?

A man doing 60 kg bicep curls with a barbell

For most natural lifters with average to good genetics for muscle gain, achieving a 60 kg barbell curl will likely take around 5 years.

Of course, if you make bodybuilding a massive part of your life and bulk up to a higher body weight, then you can probably curl 60 kg sooner.

On the other side of the coin, some people will probably never be able to curl 60 kg or simply may not have the desire to take their bicep strength to that kind of level.

After all, it’s completely possible to build great-looking and very large biceps without curling anywhere near 60 kg.

Still, a 60 kg bicep curl is a really impressive feat of strength and is definitely an event that you will want to record on camera!