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Who has a 70 inch butt?

Who has a 70 inch butt?

Although hardly anyone would say that a 70 inch butt is the ideal hip size for a woman, there have been some examples over the past few years of women who actually have a 70 inch booty.

So if you want to see what 70 inch hips actually look like—and learn how a person actually gets them—then this article is for you.

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Does anyone actually have a 70 inch butt?

A woman who has 70 inch hips

Yes! There are women out there who have a legitimate 70 inch butt. And, perhaps most shockingly of all, some of these ladies acquired their extreme curves completely naturally.

What you’ll immediately notice about these women who have 70 inch hips is that they have slim waistlines as well, which only serves to make their already large hips look even bigger.

Of course, since most people don’t have a 70 inch butt, these women definitely have a unique asset that—at the very least—will be an interesting conversation starter. But many of these ladies have embraced their body shape and used their 70 inch booty to become an internet sensation.

People just love to see highly unique bodies and body parts because, until you actually see someone with 70 inch hips, you might have thought that such a measurement was impossible to achieve naturally.

What causes someone to have 70 inch hips?

A woman with 70 inch hips sat on a bench

How can it be that a person can have a 70 inch butt while also having a relatively slim waist?

It appears that some of the large-hipped women have a condition called lymphoedema, which causes swelling around certain parts of the body, commonly around the hips and thighs. [1]

Add in some muscle mass and a healthy amount of fat, and you can see why some people end up with a 70 inch butt that’s so much bigger than the rest of their body.

Of course, there may also be obese individuals who have 70 inch hips due to their excess body weight.

However, since these individuals don’t have such a size difference between their waist and hips, they don’t get the same attention that these otherwise slim women get for having a 70 inch booty.

Can anyone build a 70 inch booty?

An obese man with 70 inch hips working out at the gym

Unless a person has lymphoedema or is obese, it is unlikely that they’ll be able to build a 70 inch butt. Indeed, most people have hips that are 30 inches smaller than our 70-inch example!

And while having 70 inch hips might give you a lot of attention, it can also lead to unwanted attention and criticism, which is certainly not a nice thing to deal with.

Also, when you have a 70 inch bum, it might be hard to find clothes that fit (especially if your waist is much smaller), which could mean forking out for expensive tailored clothing.

So, as you can see, having a 70 inch booty definitely comes with its challenges.

In conclusion: The pros and cons of having a 70 inch butt

An overweight girl looking at her 70 inch booty in the mirror

While having a 70 inch butt may bring attention, not all of that attention will be desirable. For this reason, it can be helpful to seek treatment for your lymphoedema if that is indeed a cause of your 70 inch hips.

Additionally, having a 70 inch bum can make you feel unique—and rightly so—but having extraordinarily large hips also presents a unique set of problems, such as the inability to find clothes that fit you well, the inability to fit in an airplane seat, etc.

Obviously, most of us don’t have 70 inch hips or anywhere close, but I thought that it would be interesting nonetheless to shed light on the people who do have a 70 inch butt so that you can see the challenges that they have to face.


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