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Does anyone have 90 inch hips or 99 inch hips?

Does anyone have 90 inch hips or 99 inch hips?

Anyone with a 90 inch butt has a humongous hip girth measurement. But why would anyone actually want to have 90 inch hips? And, more importantly, how do you even end up with a 90 inch booty—an undeniably big butt measurement—in the first place?

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Does anyone have a 90 inch butt?

You might find it hard to believe, but there are actually people out there who have a 90 inch butt. Bobbi-Jo Westley is one of those people.

Westley, who weighs well over 500 lbs, has 95 inch hips and is trying to get a 99 inch butt so that she can break the record. [1]

Even though she knows that she’s hurting her health by being so heavy, Bobbi-Jo Westley insists that she wants to make her hips even bigger.

But it’s not all bad news. According to reports, Westley has managed to earn a living from her supersize hips, with fans ponying up some serious cash to get a closer look at her 95 inch butt.

Why is it so bad to have 90 inch hips?

A man with 90 in hips holding his back

Everyone is built differently, and we all have body parts that seem to store way more fat than others. Yet, there comes the point when too big is too big.

If having 90 inch hips or 99 inch hips causes you to be morbidly obese, then you know that you’ve taken things too far. Sure, we all want to be remembered for something. But is setting a record really worth hurting your health?

When you genuinely have a 90 inch booty, simple everyday tasks can become highly challenging, which makes weight loss even harder.

Additionally, if you have 99 inch hips, then buying clothes that fit you well will be extremely difficult, and you might not even be able to fit into a regular vehicle.

So, while having 90 inch hips might get you some attention—and even some very loyal fans—there are many downsides to having hips this size that commonly get overlooked.

How can you reduce the size of your 90 inch hips?

A man with a 90 inch hip size at the gym

I realize that many morbidly obese people may actually enjoy the attention that they receive because at least all the comments and stares give them recognition for something.

Sadly, many obese individuals don’t believe that they can genuinely lose weight. But if you’re willing to change your mindset, then you can start to drop large amounts of fat very quickly.

If exercise is out of the question, then calorie restriction is the best option. If you consume fewer calories than your body requires to maintain its current mass, then you’ll lose weight. It’s that simple.

But to avoid potential binges and slip-ups, your best bet is to eat whole foods that keep you feeling full. Not only are whole foods more nutritious than junk foods, but they’re also surprisingly affordable and can keep you feeling energetic throughout the day.

If your weight or the sheer size of your hips prevent you from doing normal kinds of exercise, then you can also do seated workouts to torch even more calories. As an example, you can do arm exercises with weights, or you can do a workout with some resistance bands. Whatever is manageable for you.

The verdict on having a 90 inch butt

Two obese people with 99 inch hips sitting in the park

Many people are interested to learn that there are, in fact, individuals who have a 90 inch butt and even a 99 inch butt.

And while many of these people actually like the attention—indeed, some have made a career out of their large hips—it’s important that we’re kind to these individuals because, on the inside, many of them likely feel bad about the fact that they’ve let their weight spiral out of control.

The good news is that under the supervision of a doctor and a nutritionist, even morbidly obese people who have a 90 inch butt or a 99 inch butt can lose weight and improve their health before it’s too late.


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