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Does anyone have 60 inch hips?

Does anyone have 60 inch hips?

Did you know that the average hip circumference is approximately 20 inches less than our 60-inch example?

With this massive size difference in mind, how on earth does anyone get a 60 inch booty? As you’ll soon learn, there are two main ways that people get a 60 inch butt, and neither of them are pretty.

In addition to shedding light on why some people have 60 inch hips, this guide will also explain how to get a medium sized butt so that you can become healthier.

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What causes someone to have a 60 inch booty?

An obese woman measuring her 60 inch booty

There are two main reasons for someone having a 60 inch booty; butt injections and obesity.

Both are bad in their own way, and while it might be entertaining to see people with a huge 60 inch butt, we should also be sympathetic toward them because you don’t get yourself in that situation without having some serious problems.

Anyway, the women who acquire their 60 inch hips via injections are usually worried that their booty is too small and inadequate in some way. This is generally known as body dysmorphia.

The problem with getting butt injections is that they have the potential to be very dangerous. Indeed, reports suggest that people have actually died from their desperate attempts to plump up their butt. [1]

On the other side of the coin, some individuals have a 60″ booty because they’re obese. In this case, the person can reverse their weight gain naturally via diet and exercise, so I’d say that this situation is the better one to be in.

Why is having a 60 inch butt bad for you?

An obese man with 60 inch hips being examined by a doctor

As mentioned, butt injections are extremely dangerous. If someone wants to make their butt bigger, then they can do so by training their glutes and increasing their body weight.

From an aesthetics standpoint, getting a 60 inch booty in this way makes your butt look completely disproportionate, which could cause you to receive unwanted attention.

People with natural 60 inch hips are also leading an unhealthy lifestyle, but for different reasons. Overeating and a lack of physical activity commonly cause weight gain, which—in extreme circumstances—can lead to the development of 60 in hips.

So while these people might have proportional hips in that their hips don’t look too big for their body, these individuals are also putting their health at risk by walking around at an obese body weight.

How can you reduce your 60 inch hips?

A woman with a 60 inch butt at the gym

If someone has acquired a 60 inch booty via unnatural methods, then they will need urgent medical attention.

If, on the other hand, the person simply has a 60 inch butt due to being obese, then they can reverse their situation by manipulating their diet and exercise routine.

To force your body to lose weight, all you have to do is burn more calories than you consume. So, you could start to walk more and reduce your daily calorie intake, which should get the fat loss ball rolling.

I always recommend doing the types of exercise that you enjoy, so don’t feel like you have to go to the gym if you’d prefer to work out at home.

On the diet side of things, eating more whole foods as opposed to junk foods will help you to feel fuller even though your calorie intake will be lower.

Of course, you need to have realistic expectations. You didn’t get 60 inch hips overnight, so you’re not going to lose them overnight, either. Patience is a critical weight loss virtue to have because it will help you to make long-term changes.

The verdict: Why you shouldn’t aim for a 60 inch hip size

An obese man with 60 inch hips

The main reason why you should aim to decrease your 60 inch hip size is that you can’t have 60 inch hips and enjoy your best health at the same time.

Also, if your 60 inch booty gets any bigger, then it might actually become a barrier to physical activity, which will make shrinking your butt much harder.

Of course, some people do genuinely like having a 60 inch butt. But you need to decide what’s more important to you: The feeling of getting attention for your unique physique? Or your long-term health and wellbeing?

Remember, by training your glutes with weights, you can still get large hips and even receive attention for them. Best of all, these results will be lasting.


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