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Is a BMI of 100 possible to achieve?

Is a BMI of 100 possible to achieve?

Has there ever been anyone with a BMI of 100 or a BMI over 100? Yes, there has been! 

It might be hard to believe—considering that a BMI 100 person would be more than 3 times the size of the average borderline-obese American—but there really have been humans with a 100 BMI score.


Is a BMI of 100 possible?

A man with a BMI of 100

Is a BMI of 100 possible? Yes, a BMI of 100 is possible but only in extremely rare cases because most people, even if they overeat, simply can’t get that heavy.

The vast majority of individuals would lose their life before reaching a 100 BMI because severe obesity is, unsurprisingly, linked with severe diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers.

Now, just because a BMI of 100 is possible for a human to reach doesn’t mean that it’s in any way likely. After all, the average person, who’s already overweight, is 60 points less than BMI 100.

The average woman would need to weigh around 600 lbs to have a body mass index of 100, and the average man would need to weigh 700 lbs to have a BMI of 100.

Can you have a BMI over 100?

A 100 BMI woman showing her belly

Sure, it’s possible to have a BMI over 100, but it’s not likely at all because most people simply can’t get that heavy.

Most of us have probably never even seen a BMI 100 person in real life, which isn’t surprising when you consider that people who are that heavy struggle to walk and get out of bed.

The only time we see people with a 100 BMI is in documentaries where they’re often undergoing life-saving weight loss surgery to reduce their BMI.

Why do some people have such high BMIs?

A woman who has a BMI over 100

Obviously, nobody gets a 100 BMI by eating healthy foods. No, they get extremely heavy by gorging on junk food.

Granted, many people eat unhealthily and don’t get obese, so some people with extremely high BMIs may also be suffering from health conditions and physical disabilities that cause them to gain extreme amounts of body fat.

The verdict on BMI 100: Possible or not?

In summary, it is possible for a human to reach a BMI of 100, but only in extremely rare cases.

Considering that a person with a 100 BMI score would be three times as heavy as most people, it can seem hard to believe that such a high body mass index is actually realistic.

The human body, as the saying goes, is capable of amazing and extreme things. Unfortunately, these extreme appearances aren’t always positive, and sometimes they can actually be detrimental.