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Can you really grow 7 inches taller?

Can you really grow 7 inches taller?

If you’re looking for a detailed guide that shows you how to grow 7 inches taller, then you’re going to end up disappointed because no such guide exists.

The simple reason for this is that growing 7 inches taller after puberty is impossible. So I created this science-based guide instead to clear up some of the myths regarding height increase.

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How to grow 7 inches taller

A man getting his height measured

If you or your child is going through puberty and you/they have both tall parents and plenty of growing years ahead of them, then it’s definitely conceivable that they could experience a 7 inch height increase in a few years.

Nobody, on the other hand, will grow 7 inches taller in 3 months or anything like that, despite claims to the contrary.

In order to maximize your chances of getting 7 inches taller (presuming that you’re going through puberty and have the genetics to be tall), you need to optimize three key areas of your life.

These are sleep, diet, and exercise.

Sleep and exercise promote the release of growth hormone, which is crucial for getting taller and is secreted in greater quantities during puberty and also during intense exercise.

Ensuring adequate nutrition creates the right internal environment for you to grow taller by providing your body with both the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and the macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) that it needs to grow and develop.

Is growing 7 inches taller even desirable?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Have you ever thought about why you want to grow 7 inches taller?

Being tall is associated with cognitive ability and career success, but there’s more to life than merely having a good job or scoring top of the class on a test. [1]

If you somehow increased your height by 7 inches, then you might even attract unwanted attention by being so much taller than everyone else.

Of course, being tall often commands respect and may even make you feel more powerful, but as with anything else material, the novelty of being tall is likely to wear off—to an extent, at least—after a while.

Has anyone grown 7 inches taller before?

A short boy next to a tall boy

If you read case studies where a person got 7 inches taller, then that’s because they went through a growth spurt while they were in puberty.

Height differs based on your gender and the height of your parents, so not everyone grows at the same rate or achieves the same (or even similar) final height. [2]

And while there might be a few examples of late bloomers who gained 7 inches of height and suddenly started to excel at basketball, these outliers are far from typical height increase examples.

Nevertheless, if you’re still young and have lots of growing time ahead of you, then it’s possible to grow an additional 7 inches, just not in a few months, that’s all.

To make the most of this period of physical development, make sure to cover your bases by getting plenty of sleep, doing daily exercise, and ensuring adequate nutrition in your diet.

Can you grow 7 inches taller in 3 months?

A woman getting her height measured with a stadiometer

Can you grow 7 inches taller in 3 months? No, growing 7 inches taller in 3 months is impossible; human bones do not lengthen this quickly.

As noted, a 7 inch height increase can take years to achieve, even during puberty, so no special program or lifestyle regime is going to add seven inches to your stature (or anywhere close to it) in the space of just 3 short months.

Please don’t fall for any height shortcuts and scams that seem too good to be true. 

Height is mostly genetic, and you can somewhat enhance your growth rate and height potential by optimizing (to the best of your ability) the three critical areas that I just mentioned; diet, sleep, and exercise.

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In conclusion

Hopefully, this guide has cleared up any questions that you had about growing 7 inches taller. Seven inches is a very big height increase, which is one reason why so many people want to get 7 inches taller.

But the truth of the matter is that once you’ve stopped growing, gaining extra height is no longer possible.

Sure, improving your posture can lead to very marginal and temporary height increases, but this is nowhere near 7 inches.


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