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How can you grow 9 inches taller?

How can you grow 9 inches taller?

Want to know how to grow 9 inches taller? The answer is simple: Unless you’re in puberty, you can’t.

I know; there are a lot of height programs out there telling you differently; that you can somehow magically get 9 inches taller after your growth plates have closed. 

However, these extreme techniques aren’t grounded in science and are instead based on blind faith and promises that are, as we shall see, far too good to be true.

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Is it possible for a person to grow 9 inches taller?

A woman being measured with a stadiometer

Yes, it’s possible for a person to get 9 inches taller if they’re going through puberty. In fact, during puberty, a 9 inch height increase is fairly typical, if slightly above average, for a growing boy.

Now, post-puberty, there’s little that you can do to increase your stature. This is because the growth plates begin to close in your late teens, which prevents further height development. [1]

I’ve seen a few examples of people getting a growth spurt in early adulthood, but these cases aren’t the norm and can often give the average guy a false sense of hope that he’ll get taller too.

But the truth is that these late bloomers grew taller because of their genetics, not because they followed some magic height-increasing regime.

Sure, environmental factors, particularly nutrition and the consumption of quality protein, affect your height as well. [2] But your genetics are the main driving force behind both your rate of growth and your final height.

Why would anyone want to get 9 inches taller?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Virtually anyone who adds 9 inches to their height will look like a completely different person, which is normal during puberty.

But even those long out of puberty commonly wonder what it would be like to increase their height by 9 inches. Would they gain more respect? Perhaps they’d have a more successful career?

While many of us would like to be a bit taller, the novelty would likely wear off after a while. So your best bet is to improve your self-confidence—an area of your life that you do have control over—rather than worrying about your height, which you most likely can’t increase naturally.

There is, of course, much more to life than being really tall. Although stature is of great concern to many men and of great importance in some cultures, there are also plenty of self-confessed short guys out there who have no problem with being on the small side.

How long would it take to add 9 inches to your height?

A man holding a measuring tape

During puberty, a growing boy can expect to grow 9 inches taller in roughly five years if he has the genetics for such a height increase.

Some people may add 9 inches to their height faster than this if they begin puberty earlier, whereas others might not have the genetics to get 9 inches taller in any teenage timeframe.

Additionally, if a person has tall parents, then they can definitely grow more than 9 inches during puberty.

Of course, if you’re in your late teens already, for example, then a 9 inch height increase is so unrealistic that it might as well be impossible.

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In conclusion

Puberty is the body’s prime time to grow taller. It’s the period of time when the most growth hormone is released, which really enables you to add some serious height to your frame.

But on the flip side of this, you can’t get taller once your growth plates have closed. So growing 9 inches taller outside of puberty is, I’m afraid, a physical impossibility.


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