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How to grow 2 inches taller (It won’t happen in a week or month)

How to grow 2 inches taller (It won’t happen in a week or month)

If you’d like to know how to grow 2 inches taller, then make sure to read every word of what I’m about to tell you.

I won’t waste your time by promising a 2 inch height increase overnight or anything like that. But, presuming that you have the right genetics, I’ll show you how to add 2 inches to your height in a safe and effective manner.

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Can you really grow 2 inches taller in a day?

A man demonstrating how to grow two inches taller

Can you grow 2 inches taller in a day? No, it’s simply not possible for anyone to grow 2 inches taller in a day because bone growth doesn’t happen overnight.

While children who are going through puberty can definitely see quick height increases, these often take a good few months to become apparent.

Of course, to some, it will seem obvious that getting 2 inches taller in a day is impossible. 

But for those who have, shall we say, a bit too much height optimism, I think it’s important that we establish realistic expectations before we actually learn how to get 2 inches taller.

Can you grow taller by 2 inches in a week?

A man holding a tape measure

Can you grow taller by 2 inches in a week? No, growing 2 inches taller in a week is impossible because human bones don’t grow fast enough to increase in length by 2 inches in a week.

Now, a developing body can definitely grow in the space of 7 days—I’m not denying that.

But the reason that I’m so against promoting overly quick height increases is that those who are desperate to get 2 inches taller often seek out dangerous or useless methods in a futile attempt to reach their goal.

More on such tactics later.

Is it possible to grow 2 inches taller in a month?

A calendar showing the days of the month

Is it possible to grow 2 inches taller in a month? No, unless you are going through rapid pubertal development and have the genetics to be extremely tall, it’s not possible to grow 2 inches taller in a month.

That said, in the space of a few months or half a year, children and teenagers in their peak height growth velocity phase may well be able to increase their height by 2 inches.

Still, if your growth plates are beginning to close, which happens gradually rather than all of a sudden, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to add 2 inches to your height naturally. [1]

But as you’re about to learn, there are definitely examples of adults who managed to increase their height by two inches.

Will a 2 inch height increase make you look significantly taller?

A man who is clearly 2 inches taller than the person next to him

There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to get 2 inches taller. Perhaps they want to stand taller than their partner, or maybe they feel that a 2 inch height increase would lead to faster career advancement.

Whatever the case may be, becoming two inches taller is no small height increase. 

If you grow by 2 inches—whether naturally or by using height-increasing products like insoles—you will look noticeably taller.

But, what many people fail to mention is that a 2 inch height increase will be much more dramatic for short people than taller people. This is simply because a 2 inch height increase is a much larger percentage increase when you’re relatively short.

Sure, growing 2 inches is noticeable at any height. But if you’re already of a normal stature or are fairly tall, then getting 2 inches taller won’t change people’s perception of your height all that much.

On the other hand, a 2 inch height increase might be enough to take a relatively small person from the short category into the normal category, which would improve their confidence and quality of life.

How to grow 2 inches taller naturally

Now that you have realistic expectations and understand how adding 2 inches to your height actually affects your body, it’s time to go through the steps and tactics to get 2 inches taller.

Drastically improve your posture

A man demonstrating how to have good posture

The worse that your posture is now, the more dramatic the improvement will be. And research does show that you can significantly improve your posture in a relatively short space of time. [2]

Well, guess what?

Straightening out your spine with stretches offers two height-increasing benefits.

First, improving your posture enables you to display the full height of your skeleton

Stretching doesn’t actually lengthen your bones, but it will help you to maximize the anatomical height that you currently have.

Second, being conscious of your posture and your body positioning will enable you to stand tall and walk around with more confident body language. 

Standing tall will increase your perceived height, meaning that because you’re not slouched, people will most likely think that you’re a bit taller than you actually are.

Measure yourself at the right time

A man standing on a stadiometer

In the height community, it’s no secret that, in order to get the tallest height measurement possible, you want to measure yourself early in the morning, ideally straight out of bed.

The simple reason for this is that your spinal discs are less compressed when you first wake up, enabling you to display your near-maximal height.

When you add in this tactic with a good stretching routine, you might be able to gain a fair bit of extra height.

Note that the taller you are, the more height you can gain by stretching and improving your posture. This is because, when you’re tall, you have more height to lose through bad posture, which you can subsequently regain by improving it and standing tall.

Hope that you’re still growing

A short boy next to a tall boy

This is the big one.

The only real way to grow 2 inches taller naturally is to hope that you’re still growing.

While pubertal development does follow a certain trend in many cases, not everyone stops growing at the same age, and there have been verified cases of people growing taller during adulthood.

Growth hormone production is at its highest when you’re in puberty, which is also the time when you grow the most. So it’s not surprising that research observes a rapid height increase in growth hormone deficient children who begin growth hormone therapy. [3]

Now, if your growth plates have already closed, you can’t reopen them.

But there is a case to be made for maximizing growth hormone production during puberty, which you can do by sleeping well and exercising daily, often with a high intensity.

Make use of height-increasing products

A person holding some insoles

A lot of people don’t like the idea of prancing around in shoes with a massive heel. But if your growth plates have closed already, then such products are likely your best opportunity to “grow” 2 inches taller.

Now, you don’t need to buy the biggest height-increasing boots out there.

What you could do is buy some insoles that increase your height by 2 inches or slightly less and then wear a standard shoe, but one that has a good heel on it.

Add in your posture improvements, and it’s conceivable that you could gain a solid 2 inches of height, and perhaps even more in terms of perceived height.

Set yourself up for height increase success

Nutritious foods laid out on a table, including fish, meat, dairy, nuts, and beans

Although height is mostly genetic, your diet, exercise routine, and sleeping habits all influence—to some degree—your final height as well as your rate of growth.

So make sure to get 9 hours of sleep (more if you’re in puberty and/or you feel that you need it).

Exercise every day as well. Working out will improve your sleep quality, as long as it’s not done right before bedtime, and will increase growth hormone production, which will help to grow your muscles as well as your height.

Your diet is also of major importance for growing 2 inches taller. 

While eating nutritious foods isn’t guaranteed to make you two inches taller, good nutrition nourishes your body with a firm foundation of protein, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals to set you up for height growth success.

Why would someone want to get two inches taller?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Unlike your muscle mass and body fat level, your height is not something that you have much control over. So trying to get 2 inches taller can naturally be a frustrating and often futile experience for a lot of people.

But why would someone want to get 2 inches taller in the first place?

Well, many men, for example, feel inferior to other males if they’re noticeably shorter than their peers, colleagues, or those around them.

Alternatively, someone who is going through puberty might be concerned that they’re not growing as fast as they’d like, so a 2 inch height increase would make them feel better.

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How to grow two inches taller: The verdict

As you hopefully know after reading my how to grow 2 inches taller guide, there’s no magic program or product that will make your bones grow so that you can add 2 inches to your height.

Yet, at the same time, increasing your height by 2 inches is definitely a possibility if you’re going through puberty. This is especially true if you optimize growth hormone production by sleeping well, exercising intensely, and then nourishing your body with a proper diet.


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