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IronMind Twist Yo Wrist review: How effective is it for your forearms?

IronMind Twist Yo Wrist review: How effective is it for your forearms?

Performing a regular wrist roller workout is a fun and effective way to add some muscle around your wrist and forearm bones. The trouble is that most lifters only work wrist flexion and extension, which, in addition to a small amount of finger flexion, are the only two forearm functions that regular wrist rollers are capable of training.

This lack of attention to detail leaves them with weak links that often get exposed when their forearms are required for more awkward exercises, such as those usually performed in strongman training.

Most lifters are naturally very weak at radial and ulnar deviation, which are the two wrist functions that Twist Yo’ Wrist works out. Heck, most gym-goers have probably never even heard of these two vital wrist functions!

And then you wonder why countless trainees have lagging forearms…

Anyway, in this IronMind Twist Yo Wrist review, you’re going to learn if this unconventional forearm training tool is worth your money. Does the plastic construction let it down? Or does it still score maximum points in our wrist roller analysis?

Let’s find out.

IronMind Twist Yo Wrist facts and figures

IronMind Twist Yo' Wrist

The IronMind Twist Yo Wrist weighs 2lbs and provides us with 4″ diameter handles. Naturally, these thick handles create a very intense forearm burn during training because they recruit muscle fibers in the wrists, forearms, hands, and fingers that many of us aren’t accustomed to training with direct resistance.

The design reminds me a lot of the Sidewinder Grip Twister. The difference is that the Twist Yo Wrist Roller is made from a durable plastic polymer (more on this in a minute), whereas the Sidewinder is constructed from aluminum, which naturally makes it sturdier but far more expensive. Both are made in the USA.

Also, unlike the Grip Twister, you have to supply your own resistance to use the Twist Yo’ Wrist device. This is as simple as hooking the provided carabiner through some weight plates, chains, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Of course, you can also purchase IronMind’s loading pin if you want to load your weight discs more neatly and conveniently.

As mentioned, the IronMind Twist Yo Wrist mainly works radial and ulnar deviation, as well as the muscles in your hands and fingers. Radial deviation is where you flex the thumb side of your wrist upward. Ulnar deviation is the exact opposite—it’s where you turn the pinky side of your hand upward and toward the outside of your wrist.

Most lifters tend to erroneously overlook these essential forearm functions. And while performing a few deviations might not blow up your forearms, it will add new muscle and striations to your lower arms. Plus, performing deviations with the Twist Yo’ Wrist will also strengthen your wrist joints, which will increase your performance on compound movements—bench press, deadlifts, grip-specific lifts, etc.—where it’s crucial to have proper control over your wrists.

  • Works radial and ulnar deviation better than the vast majority of wrist rollers
  • Made in the USA from one of the most reputable strength equipment brands (IronMind)
  • Works with weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, and anything that you can attach to the sturdy climbing-grade cord
  • Has thick handles to stimulate more muscle fibers in your fingers, forearms, and hands
  • Built-in knurling helps you to maintain a firm grip on the roller to get the most from your sets
  • Plastic (yet strong) construction
  • Doesn’t comes with a loading pin

IronMind Twist Yo Wrist construction quality

Many reviewers praised the IronMind Twist Yo Wrist for improving their forearm size and strength. However, when some of them found out that it was made of plastic rather than steel, they threw their toys out of the pram and got upset.

While having a metal wrist roller certainly wouldn’t be a downside, it would increase the price of the TwistYoWrist significantly.

Moreover, it’s not like the construction quality is bad—far from it. The Twist Yo’ Wrist is made in the USA from a durable plastic polymer that has plenty of knurling so that you can work your forearms and fingers harder by maintaining a firm grip on the device throughout your entire set.

Additionally, it’s not like you’re going to be throwing a wrist roller around the gym like you would dumbbells and barbells, so it doesn’t exactly need to be made with the same materials as free weights in order to last. As other reviewers noted, they’ve been using their Twist Yo Wrist for years and are still enjoying the benefits to this day.

IronMind also says that the carabiner clip can withstand somewhere in the region of 300-400lbs before it becomes distorted. They also note that you can buy a stronger carabiner if you fancy testing your strength over 300lbs.

But in all honesty, when you’re working the small muscles of your forearms and fingers, you won’t come close to lifting 300lbs, especially since you have to hold the Twist Yo’ Wrist with your biceps in a semi-flexed position.

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IronMind Twist Yo Wrist resistance and loading methods

IronMind Twist Yo' Wrist

IronMind’s Twist Yo Wrist doesn’t come with a loading pin. And while you can buy one separately, a loading pin isn’t necessary to get the most from the Twist Yo Wrist. Out of the box, it works with weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, chains, and anything else that you can loop the 4-foot climbing-grade cord around.

Since the range of motion for your forearm and finger muscles is naturally very small, you can generate an intense lower arm pump by lifting pretty light weights. [1] Add this to the fact that many of these muscles are slow-twitch by nature, and you’d do a good job by focusing on volume rather than increasing the weight at every opportunity.

After all, the muscles in your fingers are often called up for extended periods of time rather than for short bursts of activity. So it makes sense to train them with a moderate volume and high reps if you want to stimulate hypertrophy and strength development while staying injury-free.

And if any of this sounds confusing, then you don’t need to worry. IronMind includes detailed instructions on how to use their Twist Yo Wrist for the best results. As they say on their leaflet, don’t turn your wrist rolling activities into a mediocre shoulder workout. Hold the device at your waist to keep your front delts out of the movement.

IronMind Twist Yo Wrist benefits and effectiveness

A bodybuilder showing his big vascular forearm

The TwistYoWrist works the meat of the forearms, but due to the thumbs-up positioning of the hands, it primarily trains the muscles around your wrists, as well as those in your hands and fingers.

When you use the Twist Yo’ Wrist, you’re performing repeated radial and ulnar deviation, which, as mentioned, refer to wrist adduction and wrist abduction, respectively. [2]

Getting strong (ideally for multiple sets) at these two movements will improve your wrist control and make you more adept at awkward and functional exercises that place a high demand on the gripping muscles.

Additionally, if you’re more of the bodybuilder type, then you’ll make your physique stand out by training with the Twist Yo’ Wrist roller because it will add noticeable muscle mass and definition to your lower forearms with weekly use.

IronMind Twist Yo Wrist alternatives

Sidewinder ProXtreme Original – The Ultramodern Finger, Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Fat Grip Strengthener #3, Adjustable Resistance

While some users wished that the Twist Yo Wrist was cheaper, there’s no getting around it; you’re going to have to spend some money if you want a wrist roller that will last you for years and decades.

Despite its plastic polymer construction, IronMind’s Twist Yo Wrist is very sturdy indeed. No users complained about the durability besides noting that it felt a bit cheaper than metal wrist rollers.

To see for yourself how the Twist Yo’ Wrist stacks up against the competition, you can read the reviews linked below. Or, if you just want to get on with your training and buy something now, you can keep reading for the final verdict.

Is the IronMind Twist Yo Wrist worth your money?

IronMind is one of the most popular forearm and grip training specialists in the gym equipment industry. Unlike generic fitness brands, IronMind puts extra attention to detail into their products, and the Twist Yo Wrist is no exception to these high standards.

Twist Yo’ Wrist is one of the only wrist rollers on the market that trains radial and ulnar deviation. These are two critical wrist and forearm functions that no serious strength trainee should skip. After all, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. And if you haven’t built up your small forearm and wrist muscles—however tiny they may be—then your gym performance is going to suffer.

Overall, Twist Yo’ Wrist has a durable, if plastic construction with integrated knurling that helps you to maximize your forearm stimulation by maintaining a firm hold on the device during even the most intense grip workouts.

I hope that you found my IronMind Twist Yo Wrist review helpful. If you’re looking for a proven USA-made wrist roller to increase your lower arm strength and size, then I highly recommend giving the Twist Yo’ Wrist a shot to see the benefits for yourself.


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