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IronMind One Wicked Wrist Roller review: Worth it for your forearms?

IronMind One Wicked Wrist Roller review: Worth it for your forearms?

The forearm anatomy responds excellently to intense, high-volume training. Sure, wrist curls can do the job. But that means you have to trek to the gym just to train your forearms. Plus, working the lower arms with free weights is injurious for many lifers with small joints because the wrists are delicate to begin with.

The best wrist roller devices on the market offer an old-school forearm-building solution that no other piece of gym equipment can replicate. By making you repeatedly flex and extend your wrists to rotate the bar, wrist rollers can add some serious mass to your forearms when you use them consistently.

But is the IronMind wrist roller the best on the market like the company claims?

I created a full IronMind One Wicked Wrist Roller review to find out. So let’s get into the facts to see if it’s worth your money.

IronMind wrist roller facts and figures

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The IronMind One Wicked Wrist Roller weighs 5lbs, is made from sturdy steel, and comes with heavy-duty knurling so that you can work your forearms harder by maintaining a firm grip on your roller even if your hands are sweating profusely.

Unlike other lower-quality wrist rollers, which typically have 1.5″ diameters at a maximum, the One Wicked Wrist Roller has 2″ thick handles so that you can maximize the recruitment of your gripping muscles on every forearm-pumping set that you perform.

Yes, the IronMind wrist roller will make your forearms burn. It trains the two forearm functions—flexion and extension—that contribute the most mass to your lower arms. And, unlike wrist curls, by using the One Wicked Wrist Roller, you get to train both of these functions in one exercise.

So not only does this Wicked wrist roller gift (or punish?) you with the forearm pump of your muscle-building dreams, but it also saves you time in the process because wrist rollers are far more convenient than traditional lower arm training tools.

The One Wicked Wrist Roller benefits from a slick bushing system that provides your forearms with a more effective workout by removing friction from the lifting motion. So unlike with cheaper rollers, you won’t have to keep stopping your set in order to untangle and reposition the cord.

IronMind has equipped its wicked invention with a 10ft rope that’s been tested to 1000lbs so that you can test your strength and get those gains faster by lifting heavy. You can loop the provided carabiner through weight plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells for resistance. But using a loading pin (which you’ll need to buy separately) is my preferred weighting method because it makes changing the resistance easier.

You can also use the One Wicked Wrist Roller on a 1″ or 1-1/16″ bar so that you can focus 100% of your attention on blasting your forearms by taking your front delts out of the equation.

  • Constructed from sturdy steel to withstand aggressive wrist rolling workouts
  • Comes with 2″ thick handles to engage the maximum amount of forearm, hand, and finger muscle fibers
  • Provides heavy-duty knurling so that you can maintain a firm hold on your device at all times
  • Can attach to a 1″ or 1-1/16″ bar to remove your shoulders from the lifting equation
  • High-weight capacity 10ft rope has been tested to 1000lbs and offers plenty of forearm range of motion
  • Doesn’t come with a loading pin
  • Quite expensive

IronMind wrist roller construction quality

The One Wicked Wrist Roller is made by one of the most reputable strength equipment brands in the industry—IronMind—from durable steel that has built-in knurling so that you can always keep a firm hold on your roller even if your hands are sweating.

This grip-enhancing construction makes the One Wicked Wrist Roller a superior choice to your run-of-the-mill roller because most products tend to use cheaper rubber handles rather than knurling in order to cut costs. But this decision almost always backfires for the company because the users inevitably complain about the grips wearing down and even coming off during intense workouts.

Of course, as a premium product, the IronMind wrist roller is more expensive than your average wrist roller. But as a result of its heavy-duty construction, you can roll it as aggressively as you like without worrying about breaking or distorting the device.

The provided 10ft rope offers plenty of range of motion for your forearms and is also extremely sturdy thanks to its tested 1000lb strength. As a result, you can see what your lower arms are really made of by loading up this wrist roller with as much resistance as your forearms and grip strength can handle. [1]

IronMind wrist roller resistance

The IronMind Wrist Roller maximizes your forearm stimulation by providing smooth rolling motions thanks to its slick bushing system. Therefore, you won’t have to stop midway through your set to keep the rope centered like you generally have to do with cheaper wrist rollers.

As for loading methods, my choice is a loading pin because it enables you to change the weights quicker and without the hassle of looping the cord through multiple weight plates. Of course, as I just alluded to, you can save money by not getting the loading pin and just using your own plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, or chains for resistance.

I get why IronMind didn’t include a loading pin by default. It’d make the product more expensive, and after all, not every lifter wants to pay extra for a loading pin if they’re not rolling particularly heavy weights yet.

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IronMind wrist roller effectiveness

Bodybuilder flexing his forearm

IronMind and its aptly named One Wicked Wrist Roller gives your forearms one wicked choice; grow bigger and stronger or fall off.

While you might not appreciate the intense mid-set forearm burn that this wrist roller is bound to inflict on your lower arms, the end results of bigger, stronger, and more vascular forearms will be worth the lactic acid-induced discomfort. [2]

With such an inherently sturdy construction, you can really max out your forearm genetic potential by using the One Wicked Wrist Roller because it has a very high loading capacity.

Of course, the knurling helps to keep your gripping muscles engaged at all times because this dense piece of metal won’t slip out of your hands even when they’re sweating.

To reap these rewards, however, you’ll need to use your One Wicked Wrist Roller consistently. This should be pretty easy to do if you have weights at home because due to its small yet sturdy build, you can use this IronMind wrist roller absolutely anywhere that you can grimace without embarrassment.

IronMind wrist roller alternatives

Sidewinder ProXtreme Original – The Ultramodern Finger, Hand, Wrist, Forearm, Fat Grip Strengthener #3, Adjustable Resistance

As we’ve just established, the IronMind One Wicked Wrist Roller is a top-quality product thanks to its durable construction and enticing knurling. But it’s not the only worthwhile wrist roller on the market. Below you’ll find links to full reviews of all the wrist rollers that we think are worth your consideration.

Of course, if you don’t fancy doing any more reading and just want to get on with blasting your forearms, then you can scroll below to see the final verdict on this wicked wrist roller.

Should you buy the IronMind wrist roller for your grip and forearms?

Few brands understand how to make quality forearm and grip training equipment like IronMind does. With decades of industry experience and product fine-tuning, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality piece of kit when you buy IronMind products.

And their One Wicked Wrist Roller is no exception.

With thick handles and heavy-duty knurling that could make a strongman salivate, your forearms are going to receive maximum muscle stimulation on every set when you train with the IronMind One Wicked Wrist Roller consistently.

The smooth bushing system ensures that you always receive friction-free resistance during your reps, which enables you to focus on growing your grip strength rather than fighting against unwieldy cords.

And while there’s no loading pin, wrist roller novices and intermediates can make those sweet forearm gains with a very modest amount of resistance. You can always treat yourself to the loading pin once your forearms demand heavier weights.

All in all, I’m pleased to recommend this wrist roller to anyone who’s prepared to pay a bit more for a premium product in order to attain the forearm strength and size that they desire. I hope that you found my IronMind wrist roller review helpful. Best of luck with your lower arm training.


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