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Sidewinder Grip Twister review: Is this the ultimate grip and forearm device?

Sidewinder Grip Twister review: Is this the ultimate grip and forearm device?

There are over 45 different forearm wrist roller devices on the market. Many products are identical because countless brands try to cut costs by using the same cheap suppliers. And most rollers are downright useless for building your lower arm muscles and hands because the cords invariably fall off to one side during use, forcing you to stop the lifting motion dead in its tracks to reposition the rope, lest you develop muscle imbalances from using a lopsided wrist roller.

So as you can imagine, when I came across the heavy-duty, USA-made Sidewinder Grip Twister, I was excited (if a little skeptical initially) at the possibility of having a real wrist roller that would provide a lifetime of workouts.

Let’s get into the facts to see how this unique grip device stacks up against the masses.

Sidewinder Grip Twister facts and figures

What I find ironic about most wrist rollers is that because the handles are so thin, your hands and fingers never get a good workout. It seems to me like most manufacturers don’t understand that gripping large diameter objects is one of the best ways to build strength in your forearms, hands, and fingers.

Thankfully for our lower arms, Mr. Nieman and his Winder creation know how to maximize muscle recruitment on every rep. Because at a diameter of 4.25″, your forearms are going to be on fire when you work out with the Sidewinder Grip Twister—even if you’re a seasoned weight lifter.

Unlike other wrist rollers, the Sidewinder Grip Twister provides infinite tension. This gives your arms and hands a better workout and stimulates more muscle growth because you don’t have to stop your set to lower the weights back to the ground.

Heck, the Grip Twister doesn’t even use weights!

You adjust the resistance, which ranges from light to impossible tension levels, by turning the small black knob on the outside of the device. Not only does this clever design save you time loading and unloading weight plates, but this built-in convenience also makes your Sidewinder Grip Twister extremely portable.

So even if you’re on vacation, you can still smash out some forearm training to keep your lower arms in tip-top shape.

Besides being virtually silent during use, you can also challenge yourself by rolling your Grip Twister in 6 different positions. Some grips will emphasize the meat of your forearms, whereas others will really hone in on your smaller finger and hand muscles, which are crucial for a variety of sports and manual occupations.

  • Provides both light and extremely heavy resistance without the need for weights
  • Tension feels smooth and consistent during every part of the movement
  • Offers 6+ gripping options to work all the muscles of your forearms, fingers, and hands
  • Strengthens your grip and increases your forearm muscularity with weekly use
  • Highly portable thanks to its unique compact design; take your Grip Twister anywhere
  • Made in the USA from rock-solid anodized aluminum
  • Quite expensive for a wrist roller

Sidewinder Grip Twister build quality

Sidewinder Grip Twister — Wrist, Finger, Fat Grip Exerciser, Adjustable Resistance

The reality is that 95% of wrist rollers are imported in bulk from China and then marketed as some amazing grip strengthening tool. As you might have guessed, these so-called “forearm blasters” end up falling apart after a few weeks or months of workouts due to their shoddy workmanship and low quality components.

I’m a big believer in buying quality gym equipment that you can pay for once and then train with for life. You know, the kind of sturdy workout device that you can pass down to your kids in near perfect condition.

Well, that’s exactly what you’re getting with the Sidewinder Grip Twister. It’s made in the USA from anodized aluminum. [1] So not only is the construction material good for the environment, but it’s also got a rock-solid exterior that will withstand a lifetime of workouts.

As one reviewer put it, the Grip Twister is capable of breaking thousands of pairs of hands before it packs in itself. Now that’s what I call sturdy.

Okay, since I’m running out of adjectives to convey the quality of the craftsmanship, let’s move onto the resistance. Will it actually challenge your forearms?

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Sidewinder Grip Twister resistance levels

Sidewinder Grip Twister — Wrist, Finger, Fat Grip Exerciser, Adjustable Resistance

The Sidewinder Grip Twister takes forearm strengthening to a whole new level of innovation. While most wrist rollers force you to choose between getting a full range of motion—by holding the device way out in front of you—and sparing your shoulders—by holding the roller by your waist—the Grip Twister completely removes your deltoids from the equation and lets you focus 100% of your attention on hammering your gripping muscles.

As a result, you’ll achieve more muscle growth in less time because your key forearm and hand muscles (and not your front delts) will receive all of the pump-inducing tension.

Sure, you could hold a regular wrist roller by your waist to take your shoulders out of the movement. But then the weights are going to hit the floor, which means that you’re once again sacrificing muscle growth because your forearms are never getting enough time under tension to reach their full potential.

Moreover, the Grip Twister provides infinite resistance. Other products require you to lower the weights once they reach the top of the roller, which is fine, but it really lets your forearms off the hook when they should be working.

But with the Grip Twister, you can work your arm and hand muscles faster because you don’t have to ruin your lifting rhythm by taking unnecessary breaks. Instead, you can get ahead of the pack by giving your forearms continuous tension, which sits perfectly in-line with their slow-twitch, high work capacity nature.

Sidewinder Grip Twister benefits

Muscular forearms

A bodybuilder showing his big vascular forearm

No man wants to go through life with puny forearms. After all, do you really want to experience the embarrassment of not being able to unscrew a simple lid from a jar?

No, of course not.

Well-developed lower arms are a symbol of hard work. Because before modern gyms, you actually had to perform real manual work to get those gains. But even with all of these fancy gym machines, most men still focus on their beach muscles to the detriment of their forearms.

What this means to you is that you can develop a more functional, masculine physique by training with your Grip Twister. That other guy might have the ripped six-pack, but you’ll always have the advantage in tasks that require true strength now that you have strong forearms.

Stronger grip

Man doing farmer's carries

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. If your grip gives out before your legs and back during a deadlift (or any back movement), then you’re never going to reach your full potential.

But, by training with the Grip Twister, which, unlike other wrist rollers, completely isolates your gripping muscles, you can prevent your forearms from giving out prematurely in your compound pulling movements.

As a result, you can look forward to setting new PRs now that your arms can actually maintain a firm grip on the bar.

Better sporting performance

Muscular man doing indoor rock climbing

What do basketball, tennis, golf, and climbing all have in common?

Each requires constant usage of your gripping muscles.

So if these muscles are weak, then your performance is naturally going to suffer.

But by strengthening these vital muscles, you not only increase their size and force output, but you also develop better control over them, which enables you to produce those decisive movements that can help you to excel at your chosen sport. [2]

Injury recovery and prevention

A man with wrist pain at the gym

Stronger muscles are naturally more resistant to injuries because due to being weight trained, they’re accustomed to handling tension. Of course, free weights can do the job. But this training style can actually cause injuries in the first place—especially for a delicate joint like your wrists—because the equipment can easily slip out of your hands and strain your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

But with the Grip Twister, you don’t have to awkwardly lug weights over a bench just to work your forearms. Instead, you can focus all of your attention on giving your gripping muscles the best possible workout.

Moreover, if you’re currently in rehabilitation, then you can recover faster by using your Grip Twister for high repetitions in order to flush the connective tissue of the injured area with fresh blood.

Sidewinder Grip Twister alternatives

Sidewinder Revolution – Wrist, Grip, Forearm Strengthener #1, Adjustable Resistance (Silver) …

The Sidewinder Grip Twister is a top-quality wrist roller that ticks all the boxes. And if you just want to get on with training, then you can scroll down to see the final verdict.

But if you’d like to compare it to some other wrist rollers, then you can so by reading the reviews that we’ve linked just below.

Should you buy the Grip Twister for your forearms and hands?

If you want to maximize the recruitment of your forearm, hand, and finger muscles on every wrist roller repetition that you perform, then I definitely recommend investing in the reliable Sidewinder Grip Twister.

This proven forearm product has transformed the strength, size, and function of numerous people’s lower arms. Of course, you’ll need to use this USA-made device on a weekly basis to reap the full rewards of your training. But with infinite, silky smooth resistance, which you can adjust at the turn of a dial, you’ll always look forward to your next Grip Twister workout—even though your forearms are going to burn.

Add in the fact that you can train your muscles in 6 unique positions (many more if you have a good imagination), and you can see why the Sidewinder Grip Twister has fantastic reviews from its users.

This rock-solid wrist roller requires no extra weights, it provides frictionless resistance in both directions, and it makes virtually no noise during even the most intense of workouts. Overall, it’s as close to a must-have grip training tool as you’re going to get.


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