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Bison-1M review: Pros, cons, and benefits

Bison-1M review: Pros, cons, and benefits

There are numerous muscles of the forearms, and each performs a variety of different functions that are crucial to our everyday lives and gym training. So to develop forearms that demand attention, it’s critical to work your forearms from different angles in order to stimulate maximum hypertrophy.

And while there are some undeniable wrist roller benefits, most rollers only train wrist flexion and extension, which means that by using these devices exclusively, you’re leaving some serious results on the table.

The Bison-1 Forearm Strengthener promises to change all this. Besides working all the muscles in your upper body, the Bison 1M trains your forearms from every conceivable angle so that no muscle is left underdeveloped or lacking in strength.

But is it worth the premium price tag?

The 6 international rewards that it’s received and the countless testimonials from high-performing athletes say yes. But I decided to create a detailed Bison-1M review anyway so that you can better understand the pros and cons of this unique forearm device before deciding whether it’s right for you.

Bison-1 facts and figures

Forearm, Wrist, and Grip Strength Training Exercise Equipment Bison-1 - Forearm Exercise Equipment for Grip and Wrist Strengthening

The Bison 1 was developed by renowned Belarusian biomechanics expert Dr. Nikolai Sotsky as a convenient and effective method for strengthening the forearms of special ops troops. But due to its innovative design and ability to provide your lower arms with an intense workout, the Bison 1M has now become the forearm training tool of choice for many people.

Since this unique device can also work the other muscles of your upper body (they estimate that there are 100,000 possible exercise combinations), it’s earned the reputation of being a gym in a bag. And that reputation is well-deserved because, at a weight of just 3.3lbs, this versatile lower arm strengthener is highly portable. It measures 2x2x18 in, so you can easily slip it into your gym bag, take it with you while traveling, or sneak in a quick office workout while your boss isn’t looking.

The Bison 1 ingeniously creates its own internal friction, and so unlike other wrist roller devices, you don’t need to waste your time and energy by attaching weight plates in order to get enough resistance. Furthermore, since the tension is self-generated, you don’t need to constantly pause your workout to lower the weights back down, as you generally have to do with wrist rollers.

The resistance itself ranges from beginner-level tension that even your grandma could train with all the way up to tension levels that would challenge many of the top strongmen competitors. It’s also very straightforward to adjust the resistance to your current ability level because all you need to do is rotate the red parts in the center of the device.

Unlike other forearm products, you can make gains faster by training with the Bison 1 because it naturally enables you to work your lower arms from different angles. You can perform flexion and extension movements to put on mass. But you can also develop better control over your wrists by performing various pinching, supination, and rotation exercises.

Overall, this award-winning innovation translates seamlessly into a quality piece of kit that will last you for the next 20 years, thanks to its sturdy construction and endless workout possibilities.

  • Engineered by a leading Belarusian biomechanics expert and verified by countless athletes, including strongmen, wrestlers, and grip strength experts
  • Free moving handles stimulate maximum muscle growth by training your lower arms from every angle
  • Improves sporting performance by helping you to develop better control over your wrists
  • Resistance is easy to adjust and is self-generated; no weights required
  • Handle ridges enable you to always maintain a firm hold on your Bison
  • Weighs just 3.3lbs; train your lower arms whenever you go
  • Quite expensive
  • The exercise possibilities might be overwhelming for a beginner

Bison-1 build construction quality

Forearm, Wrist, and Grip Strength Training Exercise Equipment Bison-1 - Forearm Exercise Equipment for Grip and Wrist Strengthening

If you’ve ever read reviews for products similar to the Bison 1M, then you’ll know that many users complain that their devices wear down (or worse still, break completely) after only a few short months of use.

Well, even though the Bison-1 looks flashy, the high-tech design certainly doesn’t compromise the construction quality in any way. The heavy-duty handles come complete with knurling so that you can always maintain a firm grip on your Bison even when your hands begin to sweat.

Unlike other forearm and grip products, you can move the handles of the Bison in multiple directions without fear of them snapping or even coming loose. Dr. Sotsky has engineered the Bison to withstand intense, aggressive workouts from some of the strongest men on the planet. As such, the company estimates that you’ll enjoy challenging training sessions with your Bison for the next 20 years.

But for extra peace of mind, they’ve even thrown in an extended 2-year warranty so that you have enough time to put your Bison through its paces and experience the benefits for yourself.

Bison-1 resistance

Forearm, Wrist, and Grip Strength Training Exercise Equipment Bison-1 - Forearm Exercise Equipment for Grip and Wrist Strengthening

The Bison Forearm Exerciser generates its own internal friction so that you can get an effective lower arm workout from absolutely anywhere. As such, you won’t need to expend energy to connect any weights to your Bison.

Instead, you can put all of your effort into blasting your forearms, hands, fingers, and other upper body muscles. And trust me, you’re going to need every ounce of energy that you can get because it takes a special type of lifter to withstand the intense forearm pump that the Bison 1 creates.

You can easily adjust the resistance level to make the tension appropriate for the specific exercise that you’re doing. This makes the Bison 1 particularly cost-effective because many similar tools only have a couple of preset resistance levels, which means that you regularly need to upgrade them as you gain strength. But with the Bison 1, you can fine-tune the tension so that each exercise provides the optimal amount of challenge for your muscles.

Therefore, the whole family can enjoy the benefits of the Bison 1M—if you’re willing to let others play with your new grip toy!

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Bison-1 benefits

Muscular forearms

Forearm, Wrist, and Grip Strength Training Exercise Equipment Bison-1 - Forearm Exercise Equipment for Grip and Wrist Strengthening

What kind of man doesn’t want a pair of beefed-up forearms?

Large lower arms—and the resulting handshake strength that comes with them—are a symbol of hard work and masculinity. People will view you much more favorably if you’re able to greet them with a firm, engaging handshake that demonstrates your self-confidence.

Similarly, the forearms are a weak muscle group for many people. This is even true for a lot of bodybuilders because some weight lifters just focus on their mirror muscles at the expense of equally important body parts like the forearms.

But with the help of the Bison 1 and a consistent forearm strengthening regime, you can level up your lower arms in just a few short months because, unlike other training tools, the Bison 1M works your forearms from every conceivable angle in order to produce maximum hypertrophy.

Stronger grip

Man doing farmer's carries

Even those who perform wrist curls and the like for their forearms often forget that the muscles in their hands and fingers even exist. Actually, many of the forearm muscles actually insert into the hands and fingers. So if you want to develop a strong grip for deadlifts or for your weight training in general (those heavy barbells aren’t going to hold themselves), then you need to train these vital gripping muscles with some regularity.

Since you can rotate the Bison’s handles and even perform wrist supinations, among many other exercises, you can effectively build up the small muscles in your hands and fingers and get closer to developing that formidable grip that separates the men from the boys.

Powerful punches

MMA athlete throwing a punch

You might not be a combat athlete, but you never know when you might need to defend your family with a well-timed, powerful punch. And while nothing compares to sports-specific training for developing competency in any activity, strengthening your wrists will enable you to throw harder punches and also take less tendon and ligament damage when you do throw them.

Your punches will be more powerful not just because you have stronger wrists and forearms but also because you’ll develop better control over your wrists by training with your Bison-1M. As a result, you’ll have an easier time generating knockout blows because now you’ll be able to keep your wrists straight and in the optimal punching position.

Next-level sporting performance

A basketball player on the court

Countless sports, such as tennis, climbing, and basketball, demand a lot of your gripping muscles. So if they’re weak, then your performance is going to suffer. And since nobody wants to let themselves down, it pays to train your lower arms and hands directly with the Bison-1.

Sure, other grip tools can do the job. But they don’t offer the same freedom of movement as the Bison-1 does. As a result, you’ll receive less muscle stimulation from these sub-par tools while also leaving yourself open to injuries.

This is especially true when you perform free weight exercises because the wrist is a very delicate joint that doesn’t tolerate sudden jerks in the lifting motion.

Reduced injury risk

A man with wrist pain at the gym

The stronger you can make your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the more injury-resistant they’ll become. This is because if you accidentally put your lower arms in a compromising position, they’ll be less likely to get strained because they’ll already be accustomed to handling tension now that you’re training with the Bison-1.

Similarly, if you perform manual labor for a living, then it’s critically important to keep your hands and forearms strong and functional. If you don’t, then you might struggle to lift awkward objects at your job, or your forearms may simply fatigue prematurely if they’re not used to handling regular resistance.

Bison-1 alternatives

The Bison-1M has been praised by everyone, from martial artists to strongmen and from grip training experts to wrestlers. If you want the most versatile forearm product on the market for your personal use, then getting the Bison-1 while it’s still in stock is a great idea.

But if you’ve not yet made up your mind, then you can read our reviews of other forearm products by clicking the links below.

Is the Bison-1 a good choice for strengthening your forearms?

Most fitness brands today churn out dozens of lousy products in an attempt to generate maximum profit from the least amount of effort. And while some companies may see this shady marketing tactic as good business (for themselves, of course), as a consumer and personal trainer, I hate to see people waste their hard-earned money on gym equipment that’s straight-up garbage.

But that’s not what you’re getting when you invest in Dr. Nikolai Sotsky’s Bison-1M Forearm Exerciser. Due to his painstaking biomechanics research and countless scientific trials, Dr. Sotsky has developed the world’s most versatile forearm trainer because he understands exactly how the human body needs to be trained in order to produce maximum results in muscle growth and strength.

So if you’re willing to pay extra for a premium product that will last you for the next 20 years and build you some massive lower arms in the process, then make sure to get the Bison 1M while they still have some units in stock.

Due to the knurling, this heavy-duty device won’t slip out of your hands when they start to sweat. And thanks to the free-moving handles, you’ll maximize your forearm stimulation on every set. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that the Bison-1 works up to 30 other muscles while you pound away at your forearms.

Overall, I highly recommend getting this innovative forearm exerciser. I hope that you enjoyed my Bison 1 review, and hopefully, it helped you to make up your mind one way or the other.


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