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Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller review: Worth the money?

Is this the world's most rugged wrist roller?
Written By Liam Brown
Last Updated on 19th March 2021
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The Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller

Most people don’t give their lower arm muscles the attention that these potential slabs of meat deserve. People will spend hours a week—for years on end—training their beach muscles, but then they forget all about their forearms. And then they wonder why their grip sucks.

The Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller promises to change all that. With its patented design and heavy-duty construction, it offers a high-end solution for all your forearm and grip strength needs.

This Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller review will cover the pros and cons of each feature in detail before giving you a final summary and answering the ultimate question: Is it worth your money?

  • Removes forearm involvement for unparalleled forearm stimulation
  • Patented design provides a frictionless lifting motion
  • Slip Grip handles maximize muscle recruitment on every rep
  • Super simple to set up
  • Extremely heavy-duty construction
  • Backed by a genuine lifetime warranty
  • Quite pricey
  • Might intimidate novice lifters

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Removes shoulder involvement

Grip Freak Thick Grip Wrist Roller w Power Rack Arm & Weight Plate Loader

When you’re really into working your forearms, it’s not uncommon that your front delts will actually give out before you lower arms—especially if you’re using close to 50% of your body weight like Grip Freak recommends.

The fact that this “hanging” wrist roller suspends from virtually anywhere is pure genius. No longer do you have to do front raises with half of your body weight. Instead, you can devote 100% of your attention to hammering your forearms and developing that rock-solid grip that every man should have.

This benefit alone is arguably worth the cost (which, admittedly, is quite pricey—but rightly so) if you’re into getting jacked forearms.

Frictionless lifting motion

LPGmuscle Grip Freak Thick Grip Wrist Roller with Dumbbell Loading Hook

While there are other decent devices on the market like the Rogue Wrist Roller, most products are heavily prone to intra-workout friction.

This is annoying because it ruins your lifting motion and delays the time it takes to complete each rep/round/length. Plus, a sudden jerking motion is a surefire way to ruin your rolling rhythm, which completely defeats the purpose of the exercise.

That’s why the ‘bearing drive’ roller unit is so impressive on the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller. Rather than having to wait for the inevitable bump, you can blast your forearms, wrists, and hands happy in the knowledge that nothing’s going to ruin your workout flow (unless a bad song comes on at the gym, of course).

Simple setup

Grip Freak Thick Grip Wrist Roller w Power Rack Arm & Weight Plate Loader

While all wrist rollers enable you to train pretty much anywhere, they still require you to use your body to get the positioning right because you can’t hang the majority of them.

But with the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller (the clue's in the name), you can literally hang it from anywhere without having to worry about shortcutting your range of motion. Of course, you’ll need to hang it at roughly shoulder height, but this isn’t too difficult to do in most training environments.

In reality, the setup is as simple as connecting a cable attachment to a pulley system.

Patented design

LPGmuscle Grip Freak Thick Grip Wrist Roller with Dumbbell Loading Hook

So many different gym equipment brands make their own wrist roller these days. But the harsh reality is that virtually all of them lack innovation because they all look and function the same. In fact, I suspect that many brands use the same low-quality suppliers.

Anyway, with the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller, you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind product because the design—the hanging, the bearings, the cables—are patented, which means that there won’t be any cheap knock-offs floating around.

The fact that the creators actually went ahead and got the patent also shows a degree of seriousness about their product. Because let’s be honest, most companies looking to make a quick buck in the fitness industry all use the same cheap supplier and offer nothing new in the way of innovation. That’s not what you’re getting with Grip Freak.

Heavy-duty construction

LPGmuscle Grip Freak Thick Grip Wrist Roller with Dumbbell Loading Hook

Even just a quick glance at the absolute unit that is the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller tells you everything that you need to know: This thing is sturdy.

This device is so heavy-duty that it’s practically a weapon—and it will certainly be brutal towards your forearms. But you don’t have to worry about this wrist roller breaking because it doesn’t have the flimsy components that the other ones on the market invariably contain.

If you want to buy once and train for life, then the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller is a no-brainer because it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. So no more holding back in your training when you invest in this wrist roller!

Slip Grip handles

LPGmuscle Grip Freak Thick Grip Wrist Roller with Dumbbell Loading Hook

These handles require constant output by your wrists and forearms. As a result, you'll improve both your strength and endurance, which results in a formidable grip that will make even the biggest bodybuilders cower in fear when you greet them with a crushing handshake.

By rapidly squeezing these unique handles, you make each rep more effective because you’re not letting your forearms off the hook. In the end, you could actually get away with less training because by using the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller, you’ll naturally perform more quality sets rather than junk volume.

Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller alternatives

There's no doubt about it. If you want to size up your forearms and grow your grip strength, then the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller is the best training tool for the job.

But if you're still on the fence, then you can check out these other reviews to see a point of comparison. But if you just want to get those gains, then scroll below for the verdict.

The verdict on the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller

Overall, if you’re on the market for a grip device that’s as sturdy as they come, then the Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller is a great investment. It’s rare to find a wrist roller this durable and effective and which is also incredibly easy to setup.

You can hang this bad boy practically anywhere and get on with training. Plus, with a lifetime warranty and rave reviews, you have nothing to lose, either.

I hope that you found my Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller review helpful, and hopefully, you get a ton of mileage and gains from this one-of-a-kind training device.

#1 Wrist Roller
Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller
The Grip Freak Hanging Wrist Roller
  • Maximizes forearm development by removing your shoulders from the equation
  • Frictionless lifting motion thanks to heavy-duty construction
  • Slip Grip handles increase forearm stimulation while allowing you to maintain a firm grip on the device
  • Reliably strengthens your hand and finger muscles
  • Unrivaled build quality and a lifetime guarantee


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Liam Brown
Liam Brown has been coaching clients as a personal trainer for more than 12 years. Raised by his athlete mother and physiotherapist father, he understands the critical importance of learning the proper technique for both avoiding injury and building muscle.
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