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Is 5’6 short for a guy? Is it good to be a 5’6 man?

Is 5’6 short for a guy? Is it good to be a 5’6 man?

Just because a given height is below the average male height doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s short. So, with that in mind, is 5’6 short for a man or not?

Let’s see what the data has to say first; then we can draw some conclusions.

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Is 5’6 short for a guy?

A stadiometer displaying the height 5 feet 6 inches

Is 5’6 short for a guy? Yes, although not extremely short, a height of 5’6 is still on the short side for a man because 5 feet 6 inches is 3 inches smaller than average for an adult male.

Statistically, as a 5’6 man in the US, roughly 75% of the men that you encounter would be taller than you. 

Logically, however, this means that you’d also be taller than about 15% of the men that you come into contact with, which is why I wouldn’t say that a 5’6 guy is very short.

While some research does suggest that shorter men may receive more negative treatment for their height than taller men, there are also plenty of 5’6 men whose confidence and personality would suggest that they’re much taller. [1]

Additionally, a 5’6 guy is still taller than around 75% of girls, which hopefully puts your mind at rest if you believe that your height makes finding a partner impossible.

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Is 5 6 and a half short for a man?

A stadiometer used for measuring height

Yes, I would say that a height of 5 6 and a half is still fairly short for a man because it’s 2.5 inches under the average height.

Now, if you’re 5’6 and a half barefoot, then you’re definitely going to be in the 5’7 club when wearing shoes, which certainly isn’t a bad height.

While some people might not think that half an inch makes much difference, it really seems like a lot when you’re obsessed with your height.

Of course, we all have things that we’d like to improve. But since you can’t get taller once your growth plates have closed, you’re best off just embracing your 5’6 height because there are still a significant number of men who are shorter than you.

Is 5’6 a good height for a guy?

A man getting his height measured

Is 5’6 a good height for a guy? Yes, I would say that 5’6 is a good height for a guy because you’ll be taller than the vast majority of girls that you encounter, and most women prefer men who are taller than themselves.

Indeed, some people say that women prefer men who aren’t way taller than them, meaning that, some of the time at least, being a 5’6 guy could be advantageous, especially if the woman is really short.

Furthermore, research suggests that height isn’t associated with popularity or friendships. [2] And since 5’6 isn’t that short for a man, a 5’6 guy should have no problem making friends and leading a successful life.

I’d also make the point that pretty much no height is good or bad because, like the color of your skin, your height is a genetic factor that you have very limited control over. So it would definitely be unfair to be ridiculed, for example, for “only” being 5 foot 6.

Do 5’6 men have it tough?

A man looking thoughful

I can’t talk from experience, but from the research that I’ve done, I’d say that there are two types of 5’6 men.

On the one hand, you have the 5’6 guy that thinks about his height every other minute

Every single day he looks for ways to boost his height and is generally not a happy person.

In this scenario, using height-increasing products such as insoles could be a good option if they increase the 5’6 person’s confidence.

On the other hand, you have the 5’6 male who knows that he’s a bit shorter than average and yet absolutely embraces his height so that he can make the most of his life.

His confidence is clear, and he doesn’t care if people think he’s “too short” because he realizes that he has way more to offer people than a few extra inches of skeletal length.

Who are some male celebrities and actors who are 5’6?

A famous man getting out of the car

Some male celebrities and actors who are 5’6 include Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Al Pacino, George Lucas, Cee Lo Green, and Ricky Hatton.

The verdict: What’s life like for a 5’6 person?

A man using his phone

As noted, being a 5’6 is perfectly fine. Sure, you’re a bit shorter than usual, but you’re by no means standout short. Indeed, as a 5’6 man, you shouldn’t get too much unwanted attention due to your height.

And if anyone insists that 5’6 is really short for a man, then hit them with the statistics from this article, and they’ll soon change their tune.

In summary, there are plenty of 5’6 people out there, meaning that you’ll very likely run into some other 5’6 men while you’re out and about.


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