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Is 5’9 short for a guy? Or are 5’9 men quite tall?

Is 5’9 short for a guy? Or are 5’9 men quite tall?

Is 5’9 tall for a guy? Or is 5’9 short for a man? As I’m about to explain, the answer is neither because 5 foot 9 is the average male height for men living in the US.

So if you want to learn the pros and cons of being a 5’9 man, this height discussion is for you. Let’s see what life is really like for 5’9 men.

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Is 5’9 short for a guy?

A stadiometer displaying the height 5 feet 9 inches

Is 5’9 short for a guy? No, the height of 5’9 is definitely not short for a man because 5 feet 9 inches is actually the average height.

Statistically, a 5’9 man will be taller than roughly 50% of men that he comes into contact with. So while 5’9 isn’t particularly tall for a man, it’s definitely not short for a US male, either.

In some countries, however—especially those in Europe—5’9 is slightly below average for a man, but not by much. [1] And even then, there’s no way that I would call a 5’9 man short because it really is a common height for men.

Of course, a 5’9 boy might be able to grow taller if he’s still in puberty. But a 5’9 guy in his late teens or 20s has very little chance of increasing his height.

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What does 5’9 look like as a man’s height?

A man getting his height measured

What does 5’9 look like on a man? The height of 5 foot 9 looks very normal on a man because there are lots of other 5’9 men that exist. As such, a 5’9 male won’t stand out as being either tall or short.

This may be advantageous, seeing as some research suggests that men of an average height are more reproductively successful than those who are taller or shorter. [2]

Of course, there’s more to a person than just their height. So being 5’9 specifically is probably not a guarantee of anything good or bad.

Still, 5’9 people—being a very normal size—should have no problems buying clothes that fit them well, which could be an issue for those who are considerably taller or shorter.

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Is 5 9 and a half tall for a man?

A man holding a tape measure

Statistically, yes, 5 9 and a half is an inch taller than average for a man, but I wouldn’t classify 5’9.5 as outright tall for a male.

Of course, being 5’9 ½ barefoot probably means that you’re 5’10 in shoes, which most people would say is a good height for a man.

I know that half an inch can seem important when height is a big deal to you, but the truth is that it really doesn’t matter whether you’re 5’9 or 5’9.5 because both heights are a good height for a man of any age.

Are there any downsides to being a 5’9 man?

A businessman holding his hand above his head

Let’s be honest; a 5’9 man is probably not going to be the next basketball superstar or heavyweight boxer. With some sports and activities, height can be a major advantage because having long limbs can boost your performance.

Yet, in virtually every sport and profession, there are plenty of 5’9 men having major success. Sure, this might well be due to the high proportion of 5’9 guys that exist, but it just goes to show that being a 5’9 person is no barrier to the vast majority of careers.

The only potential downside of being a 5’9 man, depending on your point of view, is that you won’t stand out that much in terms of height.

Many people these days want to stand out and feel unique. After all, we all want attention of some kind. But if you want to stand out and look more noticeable, then you can always work on your physique, get a cool haircut, or improve the way you dress.

5’9 height FAQ

A man looking thoughful

This 5’9 height FAQ will clear up any remaining questions that you might have about being a 5’9 guy.

Is 5’9 average height for a man?

Is 5’9 average height for a man? Yes, 5’9 is the average height for a man living in the United States. However, in other countries, a 5 foot 9 man might be a bit shorter or taller than average.

As a 5’9 male in the US, you’ll be taller than roughly 50% of the men that you encounter, although this can differ by state, city, and town.

Is 5’9 a good height for a guy?

Is 5’9 a good height for a guy? Yes, absolutely; 5’9 is a great height for a man because you’re neither too short nor too tall.

A 5’9 male won’t get any unwanted attention for his height, and he won’t have any height-related problems when going about his daily activities.

5’9 males will also be taller than over 95% of women, which is a good thing considering that women tend to prefer men who are a bit taller than themselves.

How tall is 5’9 in centimeters?

In centimeters, the height of 5’9 works out to 175.26, which is equal to 1.7526 meters. This is quite an easy conversion to remember because 5’9 is basically equal to 175 cm. 

Who are some well-known 5’9 celebrities and actors?

Some well-known 5’9 celebrities and actors include Tom Hardy, Eddie Murphy, Jon Bon Jovi, Jamie Foxx, Conor McGregor, Jose Mourinho, and Michael Jackson.

Conclusion: Should you be satisfied with being a 5’9 man?

A man getting measured with a stadiometer

A 5’9 man should definitely be satisfied with his height because, as the above list of 5’9 celebrities and actors shows—and there are plenty more—you can have a successful life and career as a 5’9 guy.

So, in summary, 5 foot 9, while it isn’t what you’d call tall, is definitely not short for a man, either.


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