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Is 5’10 tall for a guy? Or is 5’10 short for a man? 

Is 5’10 tall for a guy? Or is 5’10 short for a man? 

Is 5’10 short for a guy? Or is 5’10 a good height for a guy? Since 5 foot 10 is a full inch above the average height for men in the US, 5ft 10in—while not especially tall—is definitely a good height for men.

See How Your 5’10 Height Stacks Up:

Is 5’10 tall for a guy?

A stadiometer displaying the height 5 feet 10 inches

Is 5’10 tall for a guy? No, 5’10 is not tall for a guy because it’s only one inch taller than average for a US male. However, 5’10 is also definitely not short for a man and, all things considered, is a good height for men.

Statistically speaking, a 5’10 man is somewhere between the 50th and 75th height percentile, meaning that he’s likely to be a bit taller than most men that he encounters.

In certain countries, however—particularly those in Northern Europe—a stature of 5 foot 10 is the average height or even slightly below it. [1]

Ultimately, a 5’10 male is neither tall nor short, meaning that he won’t get any unwanted attention for his height, and he will easily be able to buy clothes that fit him well.

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Is 5’10.5 tall for a man?

A man standing on a stadiometer

The height of 5’10.5 is a bit taller than average for a man, according to the data. 

However, I wouldn’t say that 5 10 and a half is especially tall for a man, either.

Most men in the US are an inch and a half shorter than 5’10 ½, but there are still a good number of males who are 5’10.5 or taller, which is why I wouldn’t quite categorize this height as being tall.

5’10.5 is, however, on the taller end of normal, in my opinion. With this in mind, it’s quite possible that a 5’10.5 man will move into the tall category once he puts on a pair of shoes, especially a pair with a generous heel.

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How tall is 5’10?

A man holding a tape measure

How tall is 5’10? 5 feet 10 inches is equal to 177.8 centimeters or 1.778 meters.

There are 70 inches in 5 foot 10.

The 5’10 height conversions are pretty easy to remember because both the centimeters and inches conversions have the number 7 in them.

As for how to write 5 foot 10, you can be as clear as possible by writing five feet ten inches or 5 feet 10 inches.

Or, if you’re talking about height or measurements casually, you can simply write “5 10”, which is how people typically talk about their height to others.

You can also write 5ft 10in, which has the ideal balance between detail and conciseness because you’re showing the units without writing out the full 5’10 height.

Should 5’10 men be happy with their height?

A man getting his height measured

I would say that 5’10 men should definitely be happy with their height because, in the US and similar countries, they’re taller than the average man but not so tall that they might get unwanted attention for their height.

There are also plenty of short men who would absolutely love to be a 5 foot 10 man, so 5’10 is definitely a height that’s in great demand.

Some research even shows that men of an average height—as opposed to those who are tall or short—have more reproductive success. [2]

So, while there are a lot of 5’10 people around, being a 5 foot 10 male is arguably ideal because you’re not too tall and not too short.

Some people also say that 5’10 is a great height for building muscle because medium-sized bodies may have the ability to look more aesthetic. In other words, with a 5’10 physique, you’re unlikely to be either lanky or stocky.

5’10 height FAQ for men

A man thinking

This 5’10 height FAQ will answer some common questions that 5’10 males often have about their height.

Is 5’10 average for a guy?

Is 5’10 average for a guy? In America, the height of 5’10 is actually one inch above the average height for men.

In other countries, however, it’s entirely possible that 5’10 might be average for a guy.

Alternatively, 5’10 could be significantly taller than average for a guy in countries where the males tend to be short.

Is 5’10 a good height for a guy?

Is 5’10 a good height for a guy? Yes, most people would consider 5’10 to be a good height for a guy because you’re definitely not short, but you’re also not too tall, either.

5’10 men won’t struggle to find clothes that fit them well, and they shouldn’t get any unwanted attention due to their height because, height-wise, 5’10 guys don’t really stand out.

Is 5’10 short for a boy?

No, 5’10 is definitely not short for a boy and may even be considered tall, depending on the age of the boy.

A boy who’s still in puberty, for example, may be able to grow taller than 5 foot 10. It depends on his genetics and also on environmental factors like his diet and sleeping habits. 

Is 5’10 short for a guy?

Is 5’10 short for a guy? No, definitely not. According to height measurement data, a 5’10 man would actually be taller than over 50% of other men. As such, a 5 foot 10 man is far from being short and, if anything, is closer to the tall category.

What does 5’10 look like on a man?

What does 5’10 look like for a man? For an adult male, the height of 5’10 looks normal because there are a lot of men who are 5 feet 10 inches tall.

This is why I always say that 5’10 is neither short nor tall for a man. 

Who are some notable 5’10 male celebrities and actors?

Some notable 5’10 male celebrities and actors are Daniel Craig, Paul McCartney, Liam Gallagher, Matt Damon, Mike Tyson, Chris Rock, and Colin Farrell.

In conclusion: What is life like for a 5’10 man?

A man getting his height measured

Height-wise, life for a 5’10 man should be pretty good. Since you’re taller than around 50% or so of other men, you can’t really have any complaints.

Sure, some 5’10 men might wish that they were a couple of inches taller, but 5’10 really is a good height for men because it’s not extremely tall, and it’s most definitely not short, either.

Overall, a 5’10 male should be very satisfied with his stature, remembering that many shorter guys would love to be as tall as 5 foot 10.


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