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My girlfriend is taller than me; what can I do?

My girlfriend is taller than me; what can I do?

My girlfriend is taller than me, what should I do? This is a common question that some young guys have because they worry that having a girlfriend who’s taller than them will attract unwanted attention.

Whether or not having a taller girlfriend is likely to result in regular stares, gasps of shock, and snarky comments, boils down to the height difference between you and her.

If she’s only an inch or so taller, you have nothing to worry about, and you might make up the height deficit if you’re still growing.

However, if your girlfriend is 5 inches taller than you or something like that, then you would certainly look like a very unique couple.


My girlfriend is taller than me, what should I do?

If your girlfriend has grown taller than you, don’t worry about it; there are proven ways to close the height gap and perhaps even make yourself taller than her.

Let puberty work its magic

A boy getting measured with a stadiometer

On average, boys are considerably taller than girls. Sure, there are exceptions, but they only serve to reinforce the rule. But what do gender differences have to do with your girlfriend being taller?

Well, boys can grow a lot during puberty, so unless you’re in your late teens, there’s a good chance that you’ll grow taller and exceed your girlfriend in height.

Most girls have stopped growing around age 14, but most boys will continue to get taller after this age and usually until about age 17 or 18.

Obviously, if your girlfriend is 4 inches taller than you, for example, then that deficit will be harder to make up compared to if she’s only 2 inches taller than you.

Still, there is a chance that a tall girlfriend and short boyfriend may always retain their height difference if they’re past puberty.

Change your footwear

A man wearing boots

If your girlfriend is taller than you and you don’t fancy waiting until the end of puberty to see if the height difference reverses, then you can close the height gap now by changing your footwear.

Specifically, getting your girlfriend to wear flatter shoes while you opt for a shoe with a thicker heel will give you about an inch of “height advantage” over here.

Whether this inch is enough to completely close the height gap depends on how much taller your girlfriend is compared to you.

If you’re really desperate to be taller than your girlfriend, you could even wear special insoles that boost your height. But if you want to keep things natural, then wearing regular shoes with a thicker heel is the way to go.

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Embrace the height difference

A couple holding hands while walking in nature

You might roll your eyes at this, but love really does transcend physical differences like height. Sure, most girlfriends are not taller than their boyfriend, but there are certainly exceptions.

If the rest of the relationship is great, there’s no reason to let a likely insignificant height gap be a dealbreaker.

Some of the people that look at you and your taller girlfriend will actually be thinking how cool it is that you make your relationship work in spite of her being taller.

Of course, if you’re still fairly young, then there’s a decent chance that you’ll end up being the taller one unless, of course, your girlfriend is very tall for a girl.

Is it okay for the girlfriend to be taller than her boyfriend?

If you ask different people, you’ll get different answers, but I think there’s a general consensus.

It’s not ideal for the girlfriend to be taller than the boyfriend, but it is perfectly acceptable.

This is because, in nature or simply in society, the vast majority of men are taller than the women they encounter. As such, many people prefer to have these biological differences reinforced in their own relationships so that they can fit in.

Of course, human relationships are very intricate, so there’s much more to being a happy couple than simply having the “ideal” height difference.

Additionally, a guy can be shorter than his girlfriend without being outright short himself if she happens to be pretty tall for a girl.

The girl I like is taller than me, what can I do?

A boy looking upset

If the girl that you like is taller than you, the best thing that you can do is to get to know her and establish a good relationship based on your combined personalities.

Sure, most people would say that height and similar physical characteristics are important, but few people would deny the primacy of the personal when it comes to relationships.

In other words, if you and the girl you like both get on really well and love hanging out together, then there’s no good reason why a small height difference should ruin a relationship.

Of course, some girls might not like towering above their boyfriend, which is understandable. However, if the size difference is small, I don’t think many girls would mind.

Conclusion: What to do if your taller girlfriend keeps growing

If your tall girlfriend keeps growing, it can be easy to panic, especially if you don’t seem to be getting taller.

Depending on your age and the height of your parents, though, there’s a good chance that you will grow taller and potentially exceed your girlfriend in height. 

This is because boys keep growing for much longer than girls, and they often achieve a taller final height, usually just before adulthood.

There was a lot of demand for this article, so it just goes to show that a number of guys are concerned about their girlfriend being taller than them. But as I’ve explained, there are ways around the “problem,” and it really isn’t a huge deal anyway.