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Is the tall boyfriend short girlfriend relationship ideal?

Is the tall boyfriend short girlfriend relationship ideal?

The tall boyfriend short girlfriend pairing is a popular wish for many people. After all, why wouldn’t it be?

We see the tall boyfriend and short girlfriend scenario played out in the movies, on TV, and on social media all the time. 

And besides, since males are typically taller than females in nature, so to speak, many people naturally want to replicate the male-taller norm in their own relationships.


Tall boyfriend short girlfriend advantages

A short girlfriend and tall boyfriend relationship definitely has some advantages that make it a dream scenario for many people, unlike the tall girlfriend and short boyfriend pairing.

She will feel protected

A young happy couple looking into each other's eyes

Girls love it when a guy is taller than them because the size difference makes them feel protected, a feeling that can be exaggerated when he’s much taller than her.

This benefit goes the other way as well because the guy will feel more protective and masculine when he’s looking after his shorter girlfriend.

Many girls like to be held in their boyfriend’s long and strong arms and enjoy looking up at him as they have a beautiful conversation while walking down the street.

You will inspire people

Some business people shaking hands

People often look in awe when they see a short-girlfriend-tall-boyfriend relationship because they wish that they could have that kind of complementary relationship themselves.

Perhaps because men are so often taller than women, we really do seem to like the contrast between a tall guy and a short girl. It just looks good, the way that things should be, in the eyes of many people.

When you post pictures together on social media, people will marvel at the height difference. They’ll think that the girlfriend is cute and that her boyfriend is big and strong, and that might help to strengthen the relationship.

He can carry her

A man giving his girlfriend a piggyback

Many girls love to be picked up and carried by their boyfriend, a scenario that can happen more naturally when there’s a tall boyfriend and a short girlfriend.

Piggybacks and romantic carries can become part of the relationship and reinforce the fact that the tall guy is able to literally sweep his shorter girlfriend off her feet at a moment’s notice.

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Tall boyfriend and short girlfriend disadvantages

The short girlfriend and tall boyfriend relationship is considered to be the ideal for many people. However, depending on your point of view, there are also a couple of downsides to such a pairing.

She might look tiny

A short woman standing next to a tall man

Some girls dislike looking tiny next to their boyfriends, while others love looking petite and cute.

While many girls do want to be smaller than their boyfriends, some worry about looking too short. Size-wise, they want to look like his girlfriend, not his daughter!

Of course, many women also like the exaggerated contrast of themselves next to their tall boyfriend, which definitely helps to reinforce the male-taller and female-shorter norms.

It can be impractical

A romantic couple kissing
Impractical? Maybe. Cute? Definitely

Being short and being tall both have their advantages and disadvantages. But when extreme heights are combined, things can become impractical.

For example, the tall boyfriend would have to hunch over to kiss his shorter girlfriend. But I wouldn’t worry about this because many people think it’s cute!

Additionally, if the size difference is really exaggerated, then the guy, without realizing it, might be too rough with his girlfriend.

For example, if he can easily pick her up and carry her, he might lift her like a barbell and potentially hurt her a bit.

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Short girlfriend and tall boyfriend: The verdict

Ultimately, since the tall boyfriend short girlfriend relationship is frequently portrayed in movies and on TV, it’s often seen as the ideal pairing by many young people.

Love does, of course, transcend physical differences like height. But there’s no denying that a tall boyfriend and short girlfriend can look super cute together.