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Tips for a tall wife and short husband on their wedding day

Tips for a tall wife and short husband on their wedding day

If you look around the internet on social media and on forums, you’ll see plenty of tall wife short husband marriages that are a match made in heaven.

But despite the evidence that the wife being taller than her husband is no big deal, some people are worried about the height difference.

Similarly, some brides understandably want to avoid looking taller than their other half on their wedding day.


Can a tall-wife-short-husband marriage work out?

A tall wife and short husband on their wedding day

First of all, just to be extra clear, a short husband tall wife marriage can thrive. The reason I bring this up is that some people may avoid relationships if the height difference is seen as less than ideal.

Thanks to the growth of social media, we now have an array of evidence that shows many happy couples on their wedding day where the wife is taller than her husband.

Of course, the larger the height difference, the more people tend to worry. But as you know deep down yourself, love really does transcend these height differences, and there are definitely ways that you can close the height gap.

How can a wife avoid looking taller than her husband on their wedding day?

If the wife is taller than her husband, she can reduce the height difference by making a few simple changes to her wedding day outfit. I bet you’ve already guessed one of them!

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Skip the heels

A woman wearing her wedding shoes

Most women wear heels of some kind on their wedding day. But what if they elevate you inches above your husband? Are they still worth it, then?

Quite a few brides are taller than their husbands in heels and yet are the same height or shorter in terms of barefoot height. As such, wearing kitten heels, which naturally provide less elevation, can be a viable option.

This way, you might only look slightly taller than your husband, which is really no big deal.

Of course, if you want to close the height gap completely, then you might need to wear a flat shoe, which may also mean altering your wedding dress so that the shoes aren’t as visible.

Change his footwear

Men's formal shoes on the table

Now for the second half of this footwear double whammy, you can encourage your other half to wear smart shoes with a thick heel while you wear flat shoes.

This way, he’ll have a “height advantage” of an inch or more over you. So if you’re the same barefoot height, then changing your footwear in opposite directions, so to speak, will actually make your other half taller than you!

If you feel that the height difference is a big problem and aren’t prepared to change your footwear, then you can also have your man wear special insoles that boost his height.

Obviously, a lot of men won’t want to wear these insoles, but they’re an option nonetheless.

Choose the right photo angles

A couple on their wedding day

Your wedding photos will stay with you and your descendants for a lifetime, so you want them to be right.

If you’re taller than your future husband, then you might want to have some of your photos taken when you’re both sitting down, especially if you’re kind of laid down as well, perhaps resting your head on his chest or something like that.

Obviously, it’s nice to get photos when you’re both standing up so that you can see the whole body and your wonderful wedding dress.

The trick is to take the photo on a surface where your husband can be elevated. This can make a world of difference and completely reverse the height gap by making him taller than you.

Improve his posture

A man demonstrating how to have good posture

If you use a computer or sit down for work, then chances are you have less than optimal posture. You can use this fact to your advantage by having your other half improve his posture prior to your wedding day.

Stretching and improving your posture can make you slightly taller because it straightens out your spine and thus enables you to display your full skeletal height.

Standing tall also makes you seem more confident and taller than you actually are, which could help to take people’s eyes away from any height difference that may exist between you and your other half.

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In conclusion

Hopefully, you now have some ideas on how a tall wife and short husband can reduce or even reverse the height difference on their wedding day.

Footwear is a big deal for many brides, and some naturally won’t be willing to compromise. But you really can reduce your own stature by a few inches if you opt for a flat shoe, which might be enough to make your other half look taller than you.